Mother of the New Age:
A Profile of Linda Goodman
Read Maria Barron's loving profile of Linda Goodman, the most popular astrology writer of all time and a very interesting lady.
The Lost Linda Goodman Tape!
Discovered on a "blank tape" in Linda's old desk! Click here to hear this rare recording of Linda's own voice reading excerpts from her happiness poem, Gooberz.
Welcome to the Linda Goodman Forums!
If you're interested in astrology, numerology, lexigrams, alternative health, spirituality, or any of the esoteric realms popularized by Linda Goodman, come chat with us! Our community is still going strong, continuing on from the first discussions posted on the original website begun in Linda's honor! Here's where you'll find friends and fellow Knowflakes:
Met-amor-phosis - Conscious Evolution Newsletter
Our FREE Newsletter
For several years we published a very cool e-zine, Metamorphosis, a free monthly newsletter for a new age of spirit and love in the world. We have taken a break for a couple of years now, but you can check out our past issues from the Newsletter links in the sidebar menu, where you'll find a link to a complete, searchable index of articles. In case we publish again, you can subscribe here.
We can change the world
but only by changing ourselves. Conscious Evolution is dedicated to visions of change ... and learning how to take the next evolutionary leap on our own initiative. All aboard for the ride of the millennium! (continued ...)
 Remembering Greg
Gregory Ellison, creator of, passed beyond this world November 23, 2004, embraced in the actively loving presence of his family, and surrounded in spirit by the loving prayers and well-wishes of this devoted international community of friends. These friends he called together over the years through his skill in communicating his vision of a better, freer, more compassionate world for all, and through his intriguing presentation of some of his own spiritual tools and mentors on his journey. We are accepting donations to keep the website online.
Wisdom and Power: A Philosophical Approach to T'ai Chi
by Gregory Ellison
The complete text of this long out-of-print book is now presented online free of charge.

Wondering About Your Life?
Try our Free Tarot Program designed by Gregory Ellison and incorporating astrological symbolism.

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