The readings on this lost tape are from stories that appear in Linda Goodman's "Gooberz," although they differ from the published version in some places. Since the tape is not dated, it is uncertain whether they are from an earlier version or from later rewrites.

The Lost Linda Goodman Tape

discovered and presented by Maria Barron

An unprecedented treat for all fans of Linda Goodman!

One of our original members, Maria Barron (WriteOn), recently discovered a previously unknown tape of Linda Goodman dramatically reading excerpts from her magnum opus, "Gooberz." Maria, who lives in the tiny mountain town of Cripple Creek, Colorado, where Linda once lived and did much of her writing, was fortunate enough to purchase Linda's old writing desk in an estate sale of the author's belongings. Inside the desk, she discovered an unmarked recording tape. In her own words:

"This tape was in a little box listed as miscellaneous on the bill of sale. It was set to the beginning of side B, which I played all the way through, but there was nothing on it. Then I flipped it. And I just flipped. "

Here for your listening pleasure are links to each segment of the lost Linda Goodman Gooberz tape:

Note: You must have Windows Media Player installed to listen to these recordings, and you must click on the links with a browser set up to start Windows Media Player when it recognizes the Windows Media Audio format of these recordings. Downloading each segment may take up to 15 minutes on slower modem connections.

This recording was discovered on an unmarked cassette tape bearing no publishing or copyright information. It is shared here on a purely non-commercial basis for educational purposes through the courtesy of Maria Barron, the tape's current owner.

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