Indulgent Knowflakes,

Here's a little something I translated from good ole Francois Villon, c. 1431 - ?

Translation of Franšois Villon's
"Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis"

(of the Ladies of Bygone Times)

Tell me where now, or in what land,
Is lovely Flora to be found,
Archipiada, fair and grand,
Who like Tha´s was beauty crowned,
Echo answering when we sound
O'er river and pool, still and clear,
Who exceeds human beauty's bound.
Where are the snows of yesteryear?

And where is the wise Helo´s,
Whose love had Pierre Abelard bound,
A gelded monk at St. Denis?
For her he bore these trials spell-bound.
Likewise, where is the queen renowned
Who ordered Buridan, I hear,
Cast into the Seine to be drowned?
Where are the snows of yesteryear?

Queen Blanche, as white as lilies sweet,
Whose siren's voice drove men insane,
Alice, Beatrice, Bertha Big-feet,
Or Arembourg who once held Maine,
Or Joan the good maid of Lorraine,
Who to Rouen was sent to sear;
Where are they Virgin who doth reign?
Where are the snows of yesteryear?

Prince, do not ask within a week
Where they are, or yet in a year,
This refrain only could I speak:
Where are the snows of yesteryear?

(Well, all you Knowflakes who saw Seamistress' posting about Echo on the Mythology/Legends Thread will recognize that reference. What about the others? If you need some help, let me know.)

Limitless Love,

Robert Chancellor