Wisdom and Power:
A Philosophical Approach to T'ai Chi
by Gregory Ellison

(The full text of this book is now online. See the Table of Contents below.)

This book describes a method for gaining wisdom and power that has worked for thousands of years - if you follow it diligently, it will work for you, too.

The approach is philosophical; the results are practical and concrete.

The secrets of wisdom and power are concealed in a slow and flowing sequence of dance-like movements that can actually "re-program" your nervous system. Men, women, even children and elderly people, can all find time in their lives to practice these ancient movements; when you have become one with the movements, you have become One with the Universe. Serene wisdom and effortless power will be yours. This book will show you how to walk the T'ai Chi Way. It will clearly spell out for you what to do, how to do it and why it works. With this book in your hands, you are at this very moment on the threshold of a totally new and masterful experience of life.

Welcome to the Way.

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1 - What is T'ai Chi?
Chapter 2 - The Roots: A Beginning
Chapter 3 - The Unifying Principle
Chapter 4 - Ch'i
Chapter 5 - The Joy of Movement
Chapter 6 - Why Fighting?
Chapter 7 - How To Fight
Chapter 8 - Working Out
Chapter 9 - How to Love Your Enemy
Chapter 10 - The Laws of Power
Chapter 11 - Tying It All Together
Appendix - Why I Wrote This Book

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