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Volume 1, No. 1

Freedom and Spirituality

by Gregory Ellison

In the wake of 9/11, a great debate over civil liberties vs. security has gained worldwide attention. But are civil liberties strictly a political issue, or are there deeper spiritual questions at stake?

Those of us who live in the “free” countries of the world are finding the excuse of “fighting terrorism” used ever more insistently as a justification for increasing government control over civil liberties that our forefathers fought for and passed along to us. Basic liberties like the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, free speech, and the right to trial by jury are being summarily suspended in the name of security, while an aggressive military machine sponsored by some elements of the United States and its allies gears up for pre-emptive strikes against terrorist-sponsoring nations.

The world has seen these kinds of actions taken before, with the same kinds of “emergency security” justifications. They were taken when the Nazi military machine siezed power in Germany during the buildup to World War II. This is a frightening situation, and one which freedom-loving people can ignore only at our own peril.

And yet, many of us who are in the new age and consciousness-raising movements are hesitant to speak out against these dangerous trends. After all, we are loyal citizens and we DO want to protect our families and neighbors from terrorist violence. Moreover, we tend to be non-political folk. Getting embroiled in protests and angry confrontations with authoritarian government forces can only lower our vibes and focus our energies on the dualistic, conflict-ridden aspects of life ... can’t it?

Is it possible to “fight” for peace and freedom, or is that a contradiction in terms?

There are no quick and simple answers to these questions. Yet we also know that spiritual freedom, and the possibility of global cooperation built on love and compassion, cannot flourish where the threat of totalitarian-style oppression hangs over our heads.

We would like to make this space in Metamorphosis a calm center for discussing and examining these issues that are so often difficult to discuss any way except in anger and confrontation. We are open for suggestions on how best to accomplish this. Perhaps rotating guest writers who will contribute a range of ideas and approaches, or perhaps open forum discussions with spiritually-minded folks who treasure both physical and spiritual freedom. Somehow, we must come up with an approach to resisting the suppression of our freedoms, while not allowing ourselves to be dragged down to the level of anger and blame ... for that is surely not the way forward to a peaceful and loving world.

Food for thought, about a very important issue that will likely become more urgent and pressing in the near future. If you have something important to say about this subject, contact us and we’ll give you the space to say it to fellow travelers on the consciously evolving path. Think about it.

Beware means “be aware.”

Onward and upward!