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Conscious Community

October 2002

The Conscious Evolution website is an international, multicultural, multi-religious community of diverse individuals, brought together by overlapping interests that seem to center on the idea that there is something more to how life works than what is blatantly, mundanely obvious. You can find various ones of us poking into ideas of the new age and ideas ages old. We may share interests in each other’s paths, and find that helpful, but many of us also highly value the right to follow our own hearts. Some of us believe this kind of communal interaction of individuals strong in themselves, but also tolerant and even loving of others, may work its way outward through our own individual lives and even into the wider world, as an energy moving within humanity, standing for individual freedom and peace on Earth. We have our share of the usual human problems in this online community chatting on the discussion forums, and we meet those upsets the best we can. It is good to remember, as site member Rusty reminded us in a September post, that our individual worth is not determined by our “type.“ And so we keep on keeping on, with heart.

Site member Ani * looked far ahead in space and time when she read about a satellite designed to carry messages from the Earthlings of today to the Earthlings of 50,000 years into the future! The project, called Keo, is being developed in France as something of a cross between technology and performance art, created at least partially to make us think. Will the satellite, decorated with wings to make it appear more friendly, survive 50,000 years in passive orbit around the Earth? Not if humans keep polluting the planet and the space around it, the project’s website says. Will there be anyone here in 50,000 years to get the messages of today? The website doesn’t try to answer that question, but the developers’ determination to send the satellite into space and time seems a statement of faith that the planet, and we humans, have a long future ahead. You can read more about Keo, and send your message aboard the 2003 launch, at the following link:

The Lost Linda Tape, a half-hour performance of portions of Gooberz, with dialogue and music, featuring author Linda Goodman speaking and even singing, remains available on the Conscious Evolution website. Member WriteOn discovered it among things she purchased from the Goodman estate, and has made it available in five audio files at this link:

Webmaster Gregory is planning more improvements for the website. We will be upgrading the forum software to a newer version on the late evening of Saturday, October 5. We will probably be offline for about two hours for the upgrade to allow a smooth transition and maintain consistency. The main reason for the transfer is to get our huge archives of older posts into a database format, since the “flat file” system currently in use is really inefficient for a forum of our size: we have over 120,000 posts, going back over four years! The new system will allow for fast and reliable searches of old messages, making this wealth of material much more useful for us all. It will also allow for “one stop” registration for the forums AND newsletter subscriptions, making it much easier to keep your member profile for all site activites up-to-date.

The new software also features some great new “bells and whistles” like more icons, a better private message system, and a new “control panel” that lets you see who is currently logged on and where they are browsing, so you can catch up with your friends and have more interactive discussions! It also allows you to “upload” files and pictures to our server, so you can share attachments and photos with other users without having to link to them on another website!

There is one difference that may be a minor inconvenience for some users: the new software does not allow different “display names” from your registered user name. If you are currently using a different display name and don’t want to “revert” to your registered name, write to us in advance ( ConsciousEvolution@Mail.com ), and we can change your registered name to appear as you want it to.