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Special Days and Aspects for November 2002

November 2002
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Welcome to November! Click on a date in the calendar to see the current aspects and events for that day.

November 1, 2002

Moon enters Libra

Mercury SemiSquare Pluto

All Saints’ Day: Celebration of the lives of all Christian saints, celebrated since the fourth century.

National Author’s Day: Write to your favorite author, says the granddaughter of the schoolteacher who got this day declared a holiday in the United States.

Day of the Enlighteners (Den na Buditelite): A day of thanksgiving to honor the patriots, writers and revolutionaries who helped bring Bulgaria to nationhood.

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November 2, 2002

All Soul’s Day: The day in the Christian tradition that continues the long practice of early civilizations of honoring the dead, particularly the recently departed, in November. The day is celebrated in Mexico with an Aztec flair, as El Día de los Muertos - the Day of the Dead, which includes giving gifts of sweets that look like skeletons and other signs of death.

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November 3, 2002

Moon enters Scorpio

Uranus goes Direct

Mercury Sextile Chiron

Bunka-no-Hi (Culture Day): Rationalism, civilization and enlightenment are celebrated in Japan, and the government awards medals in the arts and sciences. The day also celebrates the birth of a past emperor.

Feast of St. Hubert de Liège: A white stag with a crucifix between his antlers appeared to Hubert, turning him from hunter to saint. Somewhat ironically, Luxembourg celebrates by making St. Hubert’s Day the first day of hunting season.

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November 4, 2002

New Moon

Mercury Conjuct Venus

Venus Sextile Chiron

Diwali: India’s Festival of Lights! The celebration runs November 2-6 this year, but this is its main day. Read the full story at Diwali - India’s Festival of Lights! .

Mischief Night: English kids traditionally run wild on the eve of Guy Fawkes Day.

Will Rogers Day: The birth of America’s “cowboy philosopher” is a state holiday in Oklahoma.

Yitzchak Rabin Memorial Day: Israel honors the prime minister who shared in a Nobel Peace Prize before being assassinated at a peace rally by a nationalist Israeli on this day in 1995.

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November 5, 2002

Moon enters Sagittarius

Mercury Square Neptune

Sun Sesquisquare Saturn

Día del Puno: Indians in the Andes of South America honor their Incan ancestors by playing out the story of two brothers sent by their father, the Sun, to found the nation on an island in Lake Titicaca.

Guy Fawkes Day: Remembers the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot to kill King James I and his government in 1605 England. Macabre fun is made of the executions of “the guy” and his co-conspirators.

Election Day: Attention Americans! Get out and vote.

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November 6, 2002

Sun SemiSextile Mars

Ramadan begins: The holiest period of the Islamic Year, Ramadan begins on the new moon of the ninth Islamic month and lasts a month, until December 6 this year. It commemorates the Prophet Mohammed’s reception of the divine revelation recorded in the Koran, and devotees fast from sunrise to sunset.

Gustavus Adolphus Day: Bonfires on Reindeer Mountain and parades are part of this Swedish holiday in honor of a 17th-century king who reformed many of the country’s systems and was killed in the Thirty Years’ War.

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November 7, 2002

Moon enters Capricorn

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November 8, 2002

Sun SemiSextile Pluto

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November 9, 2002

Sun Square Jupiter

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November 10, 2002

Moon enters Aquarius

Mars Sextile Pluto

Mercury SemiSextile Pluto

Remembrance Day / Poppy Day (U.K.): The commemoration of the November 11, 1918 armistice that ended World War I is celebrated in the United Kingdom on the second Sunday in November. The United States and Canada hold the same observance tomorrow. The British Legion distributes red paper poppies on this day, as the American Legion does the following day, in remembrance of those who died in “the war to end all wars.”

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November 11, 2002

Moon - 2nd Quarter

Mercury SemiSextile Mars

Mercury Square Jupiter

Mars Sextile Jupiter

Armistice Day / Veterans Day / Remembrance Day / Poppy Day (North America): The U.S. and Canadian holiday (observed yesterday in its U.K. version) in remembrance of those who fought and died in wars. The holiday originally celebrated the November 11, 1918 armistice that ended World War I, and the paper poppies symbolic of the day still reflect John McCrae’s poem about poppies blowing above the graves in Flanders, a site of heavy fighting.

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November 12, 2002

Moon enters Pisces

Birth of Baha’u’llah: Baha’i celebration of the birth of their teacher and Messiah.

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November 13, 2002

Venus SemiSquare Pluto

Sun SemiSquare Chiron

Mercury SemiSquare Chiron

Sun Conjuct Mercury

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November 14, 2002

Moon enters Aries

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November 15, 2002

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November 16, 2002

Mercury Square Uranus

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November 17, 2002

Moon enters Taurus

Sun Square Uranus

Mercury Quincunx Saturn

Shichi-Go-San (Seven-Five-Three Festival): A celebration of young children, this is an ancient festival in Japan. On the Sunday nearest November 15, parents take kids of these ages to Shinto shrines for special blessings.

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November 18, 2002  

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November 19, 2002

Full Moon

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Moon enters Gemini

Mercury SemiSextile Venus

Mon Lunar Eclipse

Sun Quincunx Saturn

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November 20, 2002

Venus goes direct

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November 21, 2002  

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November 22, 2002

Sun enters Sagittarius

Moon enters Cancer

Sun SemiSextile Venus

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November 23, 2002

Mars Trine Uranus

Mercury SemiSextile Chiron

Labor Thanksgiving Day: Japan’s Thanksgiving Day, a legal holiday, is also the country’s Labor Day.

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November 24, 2002

Moon enters Leo

Mercury Sextile Neptune

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November 25, 2002

November 26, 2002

Moon enters Virgo

Mars Trine Saturn

November 27, 2002

Fourth quarter Moon

Mercury SemiSquare Mars

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November 28, 2002

Thanksgiving Day: The fourth Thursday in November is the traditional day in the United States for the American version of the autumn harvest celebration and feast.

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November 29, 2002

Moon enters Libra

Sun SemiSextile Chiron

Mercury SemiSquare Venus

St. Andrew’s Eve: In Poland, girls break dry branches from cherry trees, place them in wet sand and tend them for the next few weeks. If the branch blooms by Christmas, the sign is that they will marry within the year. Other methods for predicting romance are also tried, such as pouring wax into water to read the shape and looking for letters in apple peels tossed over the shoulder. Collectively, these charms are called Andrzejki, named in honor of the “manly” St. Andrew.

Quds Day: Islamic time of proclaiming solidarity in support of oppressed Muslim people.

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November 30, 2002

Mercury Conjuct Pluto

Sun Sextile Neptune

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Chanukah begins: The Jewish Festival of Lights commemorates the Maccabean recapture and rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in 165-164 B.C. Special readings and songs of praise for Chanukah often focus on freedom. The traditional observance includes lighting the candles in an eight-branched Menorah over the course of the eight nights of the holiday, which ends December 7.

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