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Extended Deadline, Expanded Prize
Metamorphosis Writing Contest

Two intriguing entries have been submitted to the Metamorphosis writing contest, and a new prize has been added to the awards going to the ultimate winner. Along with Journey of the Heart, a new-age music compilation CD featuring Kitaro, the first-place winner will also receive The Kabbalah Deck: Pathway to the Soul. The Kabbalah package includes a set of cards featuring the deeply symbolic Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, together with a book by Edward Hoffman offering interpretations and meditative spreads that can be used for developing a spiritual approach to life’s complexities, everyday needs, and moments of crisis.

The work of the first-place winner will appear in an upcoming issue of Metamorphosis, as will other winning entries. In the interest of providing a bit more time to collect a fuller rainbow of writings to present to readers, the entry deadline will be extended about a week, to November 23, 2002. A panel of judges will select the group of winning entries for publication in the December newsletter, and the membership of the Conscious Evolution website community will then be asked to select the first-place winner by vote.

Current entries include an essay within the journey-of-consciousness theme, Holding Butterflies, concerning the delicate care of the soul and the power of communing with those who fly on gossamer wings, and an untitled entry offering a new view into an old, familiar story about a fated moment in time when everything changed. To join in the spirit of sharing and have a chance to win some small but nice prizes, send original submissions of up to 3,000 words by email to with the phrase “Contest Entry” in the subject line, on or before November 23, 2002.

The topics are:

  1. Everything changed during that one fated moment in time.
  2. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one small step, or, the beginning of a journey towards consciousness.
  3. The future of humanity in the new age.

Write in a form you like. Fiction and nonfiction, essays, personal experience, poetry and lexigrams are all welcome. Express yourself and keep in mind the overall site themes of astrology, love, wisdom, spiritual growth and positive visions of a new-age world community.