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Volume 1, Number 4

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Metamorphosis Writing Contest
Final Entries

It’s time for you, the readers, to decide which of the three outstanding final entries in the Metamorphosis Writing Contest will be the Grand Prize Winner - and the recipient of the Journey of the Heart CD and The Kabbalah Deck prizes!

Follow the links below to read all three entries, then click here to vote for your favorite!

Clicking the voting link will send us an email ... just write the number of your favorite entry and send it. Winner will be announced on the Conscious Evolution website on December 15, 2002.

(If your browser doesn’t open an email message when you click the voting link, then just send us an email to with the subject line “Writing Contest Vote.”)

Finalist No. 1:

Everything Changed
During that One Fated Moment in Time

By Anindita Basu

Finalist No. 2:

Holding Butterflies
By T. Emerson May

Finalist No. 3:

By Sarah Gallant