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What's Coming Up In 2003?

The coming year in Metamorphosis

Can you believe it’s already been five months since our first issue? Putting together the first four issues of Metamorphosis has been a joyful challenge for the whole committee, and a real opportunity to stretch our creativity as we seek to bring articles to you on a diverse and eclectic variety of subjects, all woven with the theme of increasing consciousness in our daily lives, our interactions with others and our relationship with ourselves.

This month the newsletter committee was lucky enough to have a moment to stop, take a collective deep breath and look towards the future and the remarkable assortment of unique and exciting articles coming up in the next few issues.

Look for the second part of “Walking Softly Upon the Earth”, by Terri Smallwood, which will offer a constructive course of action and informative resources to take the bull by the horns and slow the pace of environmental degradation that occurs in all of our daily lives.

Dr. Troy Wood (“Woodchiro” on the discussion boards) offers us an insightful look at health care, and finding one’s life path in a feature article about his own life’s work, the creation of the “Global Health Network”.

Petrene Soames, through the kind suggestion of site member Fuschia, has offered to use her unique abilities to reach out across the dimensions and bring to us a message from our beloved Linda Goodman, and these exciting words will be part of an upcoming article that looks at channeling and what this ancient art can offer to each of us.

A personal look at one family’s growth and transformation in the aftermath of 9-11. Reader Susan LaDuca’s 21-year old daughter was in New York when it happened and her son was in the army. Through the fear and grief that followed came many amazing changes in all their lives as they learned to “Look for the miracle in the tragedy.”

New feature articles on science and spirituality, the secret codes in ancient metaphysical knowledge, and explorations of the new paradigms of consciousness needed to transform our world.

A practical tutorial on meditation and concentration, concrete steps every individual can take toward personal transformation and spiritual growth.

We also look forward to continuing to expand our regular features like Star Watch and Conscious Community, and growing our committee of writers so that Metamorphosis continues to be as exciting to you as this first year of publication has been for us!