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Everything Changed
During that One Fated Moment in Time

By Anindita Basu

“Was it very tasty, Father?” asked Cain wide eyed. “Better than even apples and oranges?”

“It was, Son but at that point of time, I wasn’t really paying attention to the taste.”

“Why Father?”

“Because I looked at your mother and in that single instant, time stood still.”

“Your father,” said Eve ruffling Cain’s hair, “saw you in my eyes and I saw Abel in his. We reached out, lost ourselves ...”

“....and found you,” finished Adam softly, gathering Abel close.

For the wise serpent had led us to the greatest gift of all - the gift of that one fated moment in time when everything changed; That single instant when Time stands still and we Know. In that moment we reach out to live. And to die together. And from the pleasure of that death do we create Immortals. We play God.