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Volume 2, Number 3

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Conscious Community

by Carrie Chesney

Pisces, the sign of deception and compassion, reigns for most of the month. While we are all sitting around worrying about what new terrors might occur, and what politicians are trying to do to wreak havoc on the world, the biggest question remains - what are we doing to make the world a better place amid all of the chaos?

There is a reason that most heroes are born during wartime. They possess valor in the face of danger - and the known ones must have had good publicity. I note the good publicity part because, in truth, most true heroes are not recognized as such. They become nameless and faceless in comparison to the celebrities and politicians we put on TV, radio, Internet, and anywhere you can stick a face or a body part. They are there though. We are here. We are what lies behind the curtain.

In being such, we must remember that while not everything may be what it seems, we must not let ourselves be put on edge. We must not let them win, whoever they may be. At this point, I don’t think any one of us really knows the answer to that question. Maybe we are all on our own paths to destruction, or maybe we are that group behind the curtain that is ready to stand up, to speak out, and to bring compassion to those we don’t necessarily understand or agree with, in order to fight for a common goal: the goal of humanity.

Compassion and forgiveness are not weaknesses; rather, they are among the hardest things to accomplish in this world. It is so easy for us to point fingers and place blame, but when it comes to letting go of the differences and petty things that plague us, we often find that we can’t do it. Why give up our pride and ego for someone we see as wrong and backwards? That doesn’t mean we should be weak either. Standing firm in one’s truth and one’s respect for all of mankind is a mark of the wise. So, while there is deception all around us, the truth remains, waiting to be revealed through compassion and forgiveness.

In this issue, Sucheta has a horrific pictorial article about the effects of atomic bombs used on Japan in World War II and the birth deformities in Chernobyl after the nuclear plant disaster there. If ever we forget the fragility of life here on earth, this is a compelling reminder. War doesn’t just affect those who enlist; it also affects the innocent. For war advocates and peaceful protesters alike, this will remind you. It’s not about who’s right. It’s about who is affected in the end. Here is the link that will take you to it: Lest We Forget. Also, just a warning, these pictures are very graphic, so if you have any qualms about seeing some very disturbing things, you might not want to take a look.

*White Light and Love for... *

  • Mattie Stepanek. It’s sad that he has such a terrible disease at such a young age, but that burden is borne by a wise soul who is able to spread courage to us all.
  • Incanus and his friend who is dealing with overcoming an addiction. May he make the right decisions and come out stronger in the end.
  • All those involved in all the many disasters happening all over. The club incidents, the earthquakes, etc.
  • The leaders of the world. Hopefully their continued postponement of the war and diplomatic efforts will prevent much destruction from happening.
  • All of those who are lost and lonely. May you find direction, hope, and love in your life.

That’s this month’s White Light and Love section. If there is anyone who you feel needs mention in our white light and love section, please PM me (enchantress299). Also, remember that there are weekly meditations going on, Mondays at 10 p.m. and Fridays at 6 p.m. Check the “Friday Meditation” and “Meditation Monday” threads for more info.

I hope you all have survived this month’s craziness and Saturn going direct again. If the tension surrounding us all is starting to get to you, remember that life is all in your perception of it. What seems impossible to one person is a breeze to others. If you want people to smile at you, smile at them first. Change your outlook on life. Do something exciting and crazy. Go fly a kite, or as in my case, go sledding. Let yourself look beyond the prescribed way of thinking and doing things. Lighten your heart of burdens. But whatever you do, don’t let yourself get stuck in one place. It can be one of the most debilitating and frustrating things in the world. There is always another option. Remember that. It will give you strength when it seems like all hope is lost.