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The Men Behind the Crown

By Cristina C. Santos

One of America’s first and still best-known authorities in the field of astrology, Zolar is not actually one man but two: Bruce King, the original “Zolar,” followed by his understudy and successor, Robert Donald Papon. Together the two have had a profound influence on the awareness of astrology in the modern world, and continue to be among the most recognizable and popular authorities on the subject.

In 1932, King began his studies of astrology after a successful career as a securities salesman. Building on an extensive background in business, sociology and psychology, he learned to cast astrological charts and embarked on a mission to bring astrology out of its shadows and revive this ancient science. Combining the words “zodiac” and “solar” to create the astrological pen name Zolar, King founded and operated a successful astrology publishing company during the depression era. He patterned “Zolar” after the legendary English astrologer and occultist, Raphael, who seemed to have lived for many generations. With Zolar’s influence in the world of astrology, he was named “the Dean of Astrologers” by The New Yorker magazine. In the late 1960s, Zolar commissioned Papon to help him with his astrology magazine, and when the magazine ended the two remained friends.

King became ill and made his transition in 1972. Nearing his death, he called Papon to his apartment, held his hand, and told him that he should be the “next Zolar.” After King died in 1976, many new Zolar books were written by Papon and published by Simon & Shuster.

During that time, Papon was dealing with a marriage that was falling apart, and the transition from businessman to metaphysician was not an easy one. He continued his learning and personal growth through Jungian analysis with Erlo van Waveren, a direct disciple of Carl G. Jung and former secretary to Alice Baily of Theosophical fame. Later abandoning his business aspiration, he went to Zurich to train as a psychotherapist.

When Papon started having dreams of having been a healer many times in his past lives, he followed Erlo’s advice; he abandoned psychotheraphy and entered the field of physical health care. He first studied nutrition and holistic medicine, eventually earning a Doctor of Science degree from Columbia Pacific University. He continued his studies in homeopathic medicine in England and Mexico and finally earned his Doctor’s degree in Homeopathic Medicine at The International Homeopathic Institute in Mexico City. Thereafter, he started homeopathic consulting in New York City and Florida. While in England he continued his investigation of the occult and hermetic traditions when he had the opportunity to gain access to the British Museum Library. Papon divided his time writing various Zolar books, practicing his homeopathic healing work, teaching metaphysics, and leading various New Thought churches. He is a minister for education and church growth at the Temple of the Living God, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Later, he met Naisha’Amon, who had read many of his books as a student in Singapore. She asked Papon to consider lending the Zolar name and his wisdom to the founding of THOTH -The Hermetic Order Temple Heliopolis - to which he agreed. Naisha is the founder of THOTH, a new “mystery school for the 21st century,” and Papon is the grand master. It was said that in the 20th century, the torch of the Zolar name was passed from King to Papon. It remains to be seen whether the name will continue to be passed on in this century and who will next be worthy of the Zolar crown.

Interestingly, Papon’s book “Homeopathy Made Simple” is published under his own name by Hampton Roads, the publisher of Linda Goodman’s Gooberz.

The original “Zolar,” Bruce King, was the one who first inspired my interest in metaphysics when I read his book “Metaphysical Astrology,” then later the “Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge.” His writings fascinated me, and I became curious about who Zolar was. It was not until years later that my searches on the internet revealed that there were two Zolars. While I have been able to gather a good bit of information about Papon, the information I was hoping to find about King is next to nothing - a truly mysterious man! If any of you readers out there have any more information about the first Zolar, please share! You can contact me through the newsletter at metamorphosis@consciousevolution.com.

Link to The Hermetic Order Temple Heliopolis (THOTH):

Photo Source: THOTH, <http://www.zolar-thoth.org/photos.html>

List of Zolar Books:

  • Zolar’s Its All In The Stars (Bruce King, 1962)
  • Zolar’s Encyclopedia And Dictionary Of Dreams
    (Bruce King, 1963)
  • Zolar’s Family Horoscope; A Complete Astrological
    Guide for Everyone (Bruce King, 1963)
  • Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge
    (Bruce King, 1970, reprinted 1984)
  • Metaphysical Astrology (Bruce King, 1970)
  • Everything You Want to Know About Black Magic:
    Revelations by Zolar, Metaphysical Astrology
    Mediumship Crystal Gazing (Bruce King, 1972)
  • Everything You Want to Know About Nature’s Mysteries,
    the Prophets, Nostradamus, Tea Leaf Readings, Herbs,
    Candle Burning (Bruce King, 1972)
  • The Lure Of the Heavens - A History of Astrology
    (Donald Papon, 1980)
  • Zolar’s Magick Of Color: Use The Power Of Color To
    Transform Your Luck, Prosperity, Or Romance
    (Donald Papon, 1984)
  • Zolar’s Astrological Tarot Deck (Donald Papon, 1984)
  • Zolar’s Book Of Dreams, Numbers & Lucky Days
    (Donald Papon, 1985)
  • Zolar’s Encyclopedia Of Signs, Omens and Superstitions
    (Donald Papon, 1989)
  • Zolar’s Starmates: Astrological Secrets of Love & Romance (Donald Papon, 1989)
  • Zolar’s Mastermind Consciousness: The Golden Key
    to Getting and Having It All (Donald Papon, 1990)
  • Zolar’s Book of Reincarnation: How to Discover Your
    Past Lives (Donald Papon, 1996