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Volume 2, Number 5

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Revisiting Atlantis:
Past Lives - Present Reality

by Rena

When I first attempted to write this article, I was instructed by spirit not to look in the books to present my theory of Atlantis to all of you. I should have listened, but I didn’t. I became more and more confused as I tried to compile all the “necessary” information. The material was too vast to condense. It just wasn’t flowing. I got nowhere.

Then, in a moment, I went from nowhere to now here. Gently, an Atlantean High Priest spoke to me very clearly on our ancient past…

We were not the first civilization to inhabit this planet but, indeed, the most noted for our “advanced mind” and technology. The landmass may be lost, but I assure you we are not forgotten. Many of you genetically hold the memories. It was spirit’s experiment of creation, and containment of our own light. We in the beginning had no boundaries. In physical bodies, we became limited. Through time we began to lose our sense of spirit and belonging. By our own doing, we surrounded ourselves with physical distractions. Some of us remained connected to who we are, though many could not resist the challenges of bodies. They discovered pleasures of the senses, and created ego. When they lost their connection to spirit, they became ALL THAT THEY WERE NOT. They chose to create separateness, which, in turn, by mind power alone, physically detached the landmass into pieces. We attempted to maintain what was left of those who were still connected. We as bodies knew there was a final option. We could not allow society’s disease to continue. It was too painful to be witness. Through many attempts we were not able to connect them. We gathered in spirit and asked for cleansing to take place. There were many who sensed what was coming, and fled away. Meanwhile, the core of the planet was breaking up from inside itself. There were explosions. The ocean water rose and swallowed us under. Our souls returned for further instruction.

Now, give yourself a moment, take some deep breaths, and reconnect to this earthly plane.

How does this message from the past affect us today? What happened then in essence is being experienced in the world now. Edgar Cayce, the world’s most famous “sleeping” prophet, predicted major Earth changes will occur, and new lands will appear between the years 1958 and 1998. Could Atlantis and other lost lands physically rise again? If that were to be true, we might as well fasten our seat belts and prepare for a major planetary upheaval. On the flipside, I’d rather suggest that it is the Atlantean consciousness that will rise to a universal level. Most people here on Earth now have had at least one embodiment on Atlantis, whether they remember it or not. The idea is to expand our consciousness, to remember our beginnings and learn from them, not to live in the past. The past was a second ago. All we have is now. Be in the moment. Think about it.

We’ve reached a crucial point in our present history where it all seems very familiar (déjà vu, maybe). You’ve heard the saying that history always repeats itself. Same old stuff! We as physical beings have found it difficult to shift from an ego-based society to a more spiritual one. We truly limit who we are.

The global society has reached a level of technology that could be considered scary. Scientists are cloning sheep, and are working on computers that could react as if they had a human brain. We have destructive devices and strange new medical ills. The list goes on. The people involved in this level of science are aware of the dangers they are presenting to humanity. But their egos have to prove something to the world. Future generations will have to undo the damage, if they have the chance. Could it be that these scientists were in past lives the ones who had a hand in the power play and thus the final destruction of Atlantis?

With the arrival of the new millennium, energies are being heightened. Prophecies are coming true. We are being spiritually challenged to transcend our lower selves. Destiny is not fixed! Atlanteans used telepathy to communicate. We can train our minds to consciously use this ability.

As you watch TV or listen to the news, start to become aware of how it makes you FEEL. Doesn’t feel good. Makes you feel helpless. Consider the fact that your thoughts are not your own. What YOU think and feel is immediately sent out into the universal web of consciousness. You are responsible for contributing that thought or emotion out to all, and it creates a domino effect for all who are thinking the same. Please practice shifting your energy to a more positive and spiritual arena. Trust your inner voice to guide you through. Send loving thoughts to all people and events that disturb you.

Know that you are me and I am you. We are all connected. It is always your choice to redefine your reality. You have the free will to change it. As for me, I’d like us to see who we really are. Then you will know what to do. You will not feel separate or alone anymore. Know that you are loved.

Atlantis represents the recognition that we are more than bodies here on Earth. We have abilities and knowledge we’ve just begun to tap into. It’s time to review, and to take into account, our successes and failures as souls on this planet. We can access the memories! Together we can create a more fulfilling future for generations to come. Go in peace…

This article appeared in the publication Light Voices in April 1998. It is reprinted here with permission of the author.