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Volume 2, Number 5

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Conscious Community

by Carrie Chesney

So, what have you learned today? I’ve learned that exams don’t study themselves and quite a few absences in a class, just because I can learn the material myself better than the teacher can teach me, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any consequences. Truly, we each make mistakes every day, but the simple question is: Do we learn from them? Do we bow out on our obligations when the going gets rough? Do we sometimes stray from our principles and our beliefs because it’s convenient? Sure we do. We’re human. But do we also realize that there will be consequences and if there aren’t, do we feel that guilt? Truly, this is all a matter of perception.

What happens when our perceptions are turned upside down and inside out, when white is black and vice versa? What happens when atrocities and brutal acts are taken out in the name of justice? Who, exactly, IS right when the shit hits the fan? I think that most everyone would reply with a resounding: “I am!” That is, unless they’re either old enough or wise enough to pause for a second at that question.

There’s a reason why Socrates was both a wonderful philosopher and a major thorn in the side of every prominent person in Athens. He questioned things, and he learned from them. His loved to tell everyone that he knew nothing, and then go about proving that no one else did either. Everyone seemed to have an answer to everything, but the more answers they gave the more foolish they became to their peers. So he angered a lot of politicians, wealthy merchants and self-righteous leaders, and he was put to death. But it’s more than that, and it still holds true today.

Socrates was aiming to prove that those people up on their pedestals of truth were merely prepackaging answers to sell, not only to themselves, but to others as well. They weren’t putting any thought into what they were saying. It still happens today when we are told how to live our lives and what truths to accept by the media, by the politicians, by the people around us. As we well know, white is not always white, at least not in the face of humanity. And of course, because he challenged the system, Socrates was given the hemlock. Yet, though he could have had the chance to run or back down from what he had been saying, he didn’t. He held to his truth and his convictions, and of course was unfairly tried by the people he had angered. He faced the consequences, no matter how fair or unfair they were. Was that the noble thing to do? That’s for you to decide. However, we can always wonder - if he had taken the chance to run, would we have taken such an interest in him?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that to truly become conscious in our own lives, we must ask questions, even if there aren’t any answers. We must learn from everything and everyone that passes through our lives because there are so many things to be shared. Though we can’t always “walk a mile in another man’s shoes,” in the very least we can attempt to just listen and consider the viewpoints, opinions and feelings of others. These are all things that aren’t set in stone, but undeniably exist. So many people want the comfort that comes from staying the same and not having to doubt anything, but in all honesty, I believe that more peace and love will come to us all if we understand and accept the fact that others are the way they are. No matter how much we want to, we can’t force someone into a mold that doesn’t fit without having them break.

Then again, don’t take it from me. Go out and find your truth, but remember to ask questions and absorb the knowledge, even if you don’t find any answers.

Now it’s time for me to search the threads for a little...

* White Light and Love for... *

  • Terri, her family and her new baby daughter, Tegan. May you all stay happy and healthy.
  • Rainbow’s nephew who was just in a pretty bad car accident. Send him white light to help him heal quickly.
  • BlueDove and Moonflower (Lisa and Connie) and their family in the sudden loss of Lisa’s Uncle John.
  • All those feeling the effects of Mercury retrograde. I hope everyone is able to stay relatively patient with all the bizarre occurrences and irritations that go on during these periods.
  • All the victims of the various events going on around the world ... wars, disease, hunger, etc. May there be relief for you all.

Well, that’s about it for this month, folks. Remember that if you have any comments, complaints, etc., you can always contact me. I welcome your input. Have a great month and remember to keep your head up and your mind alert. Ask the right questions, learn from your mistakes, and don’t forget that we all are attempting to walk the same path. We just go about it differently.