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Volume 2, Number 5

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May Star Watch

By Gregory Ellison

(Greg is standing in for Terri Smallwood this month on the joyous occasion of
the birth of her daughter, Tegan. Terri will be back again as usual in June.)

It’s fitting that May Day not only is a traditional celebration of growth, fertility and springtime blessings around the world, but also that “mayday” is the international nautical code for distress - a call for help! Despite the gentle joys of springtime and the soft earthy pleasures of Venus-ruled Taurus, many of us will feel like calling for help before the month is out!

Not that terrible things are likely to happen this May, but the month is dominated by a number of strong Neptunian aspects, along with two eclipses ... and a retrograde Mercury through most of it! This all adds up to a lot of confusion and mental agitation that’s likely to keep us just a bit off balance all month long. Even so, there’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy the down-to-earth pleasures and comforts of Taurus.

The month announces its beginning in no uncertain terms with the new Moon in Taurus on the first. New Moons mean new beginnings, and in Taurus it turns the focus to earthly practicalities, a no-nonsense “get down to business” phase. It begins a cycle focused on productivity and fruitfulness, one that is deeply grounded in the material plane with a close connection to Mother Earth. The challenge it initiates for the rest of the month is that this new Moon makes a T-square with the long-lasting opposition of Jupiter and Neptune (Leo-Aquarius) - anything but down-to Earth energy! While these two push and pull us over broad visionary goals and expansive philosophical ideals of war and peace or individualism versus nationalism, new Moon in Taurus firmly announces its impatience with all the debates and dramatic ponderings over world events, saying instead, “Let’s think about what’s for dinner tonight, or tending the garden, or minding the store. Or maybe relaxing in the hot tub and listening to the crickets chirp!”

In short order Venus comes in to ease the tension by making a soothing sextile to Neptune on May 2. Perhaps we can build a harmonious bridge between the erratic struggle of ideals and practical day-to-day reality, maybe helping to re-focus the dialog on concrete solutions to real problems, or maybe drawing inspiration into our own practical goals.

This harmony will not last, however, as Sun square Neptune on the 4th re-asserts the cloudy, confusing influence of Neptune. Sun conjunct Mercury on May 7 clears the air a bit, promoting clear thinking and productive self-analysis, while Venus trine Pluto the same day brings a different kind of clarity: an emotional self-awareness that is able to dredge up buried thoughts and feelings from the past that may be influencing us subconsciously, so we can consider whether or not they still serve a useful purpose.

On the 8th Mars opposes Jupiter, one of the few times this month when the action could take a more physical turn. If there’s a major task or activity you’ve been waiting for the right time to launch, this could be it. Mars will provide the energy while Jupiter adds the heart and smoothes the way to make it a success. On the other hand, without productive focus the same energy can manifest as ego battles and self-righteous argumentation.

With a few days of relative calm, the agitation and confusion gets downright hairy in the days leading up to mid-month, with Mercury squaring Neptune and then Mars in quick succession, followed by Mars conjunct Neptune. At this time it is wise to stay alert to keeping out of harm’s way, as this combination can bring about explosive energy or accidents quite unexpectedly. On the world stage, look for aggression and deception to reach new heights. Dramatic events are likely, but are unlikely to be what they seem to be on the surface.

On May 16 there is a lunar eclipse, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. Along with the somewhat shadowy nature of lunar eclipses in general, here Scorpio’s characteristic association with hidden forces and secrecy is intensified by Neptune’s going retrograde the same day! A lunar eclipse, like any other full Moon, shows the “outcome” of the forces set in motion by the previous new Moon. Here at the pivot-point of the month, the tug-of war between the Venusian/Taurean down-to-earth openness and practicality, and the illusory, confusing, deceptive side of Neptune swings decisively to the Neptunian side with the influence of the Scorpio lunar eclipse.

On the world stage, what is being emphasized here is the balance between the need for stable values, peace and security represented by Taurus, and the secrecy, confusion and hidden agendas that can threaten that peace and security even as they nominally strive to protect it, represented by Scorpio and Neptune. Of course both Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) have positive sides, including psychic abilities and the power of positive transformation for Scorpio. For Neptune, the positives are faith, inspiration, intuition and universal Love. Ultimately, whether the positive or negative sides of any astrological influence have the final say is a matter of free will. Those interested in understanding the dynamics of current events on a global scale would do well to meditate deeply on the insights of this lunar eclipse.

Mercury finally goes direct on May 20 - hooray! - sandwiched by a pair of Mercury-Jupiter squares on the 19th and 23rd. These few days are likely to be a time of too much talk with too little meaning ... lots of glib chatter and promises that won’t be kept. Take everything said during this time (even what you say yourself!) with a large grain of salt.

It’s only fitting that this Mercury-dominated talk-fest marks the moment Sun says a fond farewell to Taurus and enters talkative, analytical Gemini on May 21. On May 24 Sun squares Uranus, a volatile aspect that can bring sudden, unexpected changes or rebellious challenges to authority. This could be a day for vocal (and possibly violent) protests and clashes over government policies. On a personal level it could mean blowing up at the boss or letting the in-laws know that you don’t exist to live up to their expectations!

The next day brings a more focused and productive expression to this restless energy when Mars sextiles Pluto on May 25. On the 26th Venus in Taurus squares Jupiter, then conjuncts Mercury, creating an atmosphere where both thoughts and feelings can be expressed freely. This is definitely the day for that heart-to-heart talk with your spouse or loved one.

On May 27 Aquarian Neptune makes its final stand against the Taurus energy when it squares both Venus and Mercury, clouding and confusing the harmonious connection between ideas and emotions. Best to put off any important decisions or plans until June, when the fuzzy Neptunian energy wanes and the lingering Jupiter-Neptune opposition finally leaves its orb of influence.

On May 30 the waning, nearly exhausted Moon joins the Sun in Gemini, setting the stage for the dramatic closing event of the month the following day. May ends as it began, with a new Moon, but this time it’s in Gemini and it’s a solar eclipse! More than an ordinary new Moon, a solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new cycle and plants the seeds of change for what is to come. In Gemini, it heralds a most welcome change from the muddy, cloudy thinking that has hung over the collective consciousness under the influence of Neptune’s shadowy side. Mercury-ruled Gemini announces a new clarity of thought and communication, and brings the opportunity to consciously evolve our objective awareness. On the world scene, tired rhetoric and empty sloganeering loses much of its power to bedazzle us, and we are better able to distinguish truth from propaganda, more likely to make decisions based on clear understanding and reasoned consideration of the likely consequences of the alternatives rather than vague feelings of fear, loyalty, patriotism, anger and insecurity that may or may not accurately reflect reality.

Here again, it is free will that will determine whether we use this new-found clarity to actively move events, both global and personal, in new and positive directions ... but the opportunity is there. Make the most of it!

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