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Volume 2, Number 6

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Frequency Wave Patterns

by Rena

A frequency wave pattern channeled by Rena

Note: Before Rena describes the channeled and intuitive process she has introduced to help people “tune up” their brains, the editors offer some background information on brainwaves, a topic humans have explored for about 75 years.

A Brief History of Brainwaves

“Brainwaves,” the graphical depictions of electrical activity in the outer layer of the brain, were first recorded in the late 1920s by Hans Berger, a German psychiatrist, who measured the electrical activity in his daughter’s brain while she did arithmetic. He found the activity, or the wave frequency, increased when the problems became more difficult. Since then, scientists have correlated certain patterns of brainwaves with broad states of consciousness, such as being awake, aroused, asleep, deeply asleep and dreaming.

An EEG picture of brainwave activity.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology, which allows brainwaves to be visualized and analyzed in terms of frequency, voltage and a number of other factors, is used in a variety of ways today, although some applications are controversial. Physicians use EEG to help diagnose seizure disorders, tumors, head injuries, degenerative diseases and brain death. Some doctors and psychologists use the technology in treatment as well. Specifically, neurofeedback is a therapy for epilepsy that is beginning to be applied to other neurological troubles. More specific than biofeedback, neurofeedback allows people to learn to control their brainwave patterns while getting instant feedback from the monitoring equipment as to what their brains are doing at the moment.

Researchers have used EEG technology to measure the brainwaves of meditating monks, and others have experimentally induced altered states of consciousness by manipulating brainwave patterns through stimuli like flickering lights and specific sound patterns. In the new-age market, a variety of books and audiotapes offer techniques for training the brain that are related, sometimes rather loosely, to the developing knowledge gleaned from brainwave technology.

But what scientists see as data collected through electrodes, precisely plotted on a graph for analysis, intuitive channeler Rena sees in a different light. Plucking the brainwave concept from science and moving it squarely into the psychic realm, Rena collects her impressions through channeling and draws what she calls “frequency wave patterns” that she says her clients can use to tune up their awareness, connect with their inner wisdom and elevate their consciousness. She describes the process here.

Rena’s Tune-up Technique

It is my pleasure to introduce a vehicle that assists humanity in transcending lower-level vibrations and scattered energies to a more balanced efficient state. The process known as the frequency wave is a simple, fun, integrative, hands-on process that empowers you to make the needed changes in your life. It effectively rehabilitates and “tunes up” your awareness level.

The frequency wave looks like a brainwave pattern that is drawn on a piece of paper. All you need to do is to trace the pattern with your finger or your eyes. You are also given a prescription for integration, which will specify how many times a day to connect to your wave and for how many days. Using the pathfinder technique, I am also able to detect primary qualities or issues your wave experience embodies. As you become attuned to your pattern’s energy, you will become aware of subtle or obvious changes in your being on various levels. Each specific wave gives you what you need for that particular period of your life’s process. It is further suggested that you keep written notes throughout the period in which you interact with the wave, as the brain recognizes this action and keeps you intent on “noticing.” The focus is on you and your progress.

Beta waves: High-frequency brainwave pattern, typical of alert, fight-or-flight, everyday consciousness.

Theta waves: Dreaminess just before falling asleep and while waking, also characteristic during actual dreaming and in meditation.

Alpha waves: A pleasant state of
being relaxed but still alert.

Delta waves: A mind at rest,
typically in dreamless sleep.

The catalyst for the beginning of my work with the frequency wave was the loss of my father to brain cancer 10 years ago. Over the years since then, wanting to help in healing brain-related conditions but resisting because of the pain of my personal loss, I asked my guides to help me do my work during dream time. A crystal-clear dream I had of a viewing window exhibiting a brain in a rainforest full of vines linked up years later with a flash of realization.

That day, in waking reality, as my attention was drawn to a philodendron vine, in just a flash my brain pattern shifted, and it became clear to me that there was a rhythm present. The physical part of me tried to analyze it for a numerical sequence, but that didn’t work. I went into a receptive state and asked that I be shown the rhythm. I placed my hand on a piece of paper and channeled a pattern. When I looked at it, it seemed familiar. Part of me knew that this was a brainwave pattern - the new brainwave pattern to which I had just shifted. Through another dream I was instructed to select five women to test this process on. The results were phenomenal! The word began to spread and more people wanted to have the experience.

As I have tested this out with now more than 100 people, we became aware of the benefits or shifts that occur when one connects to this process. Just a few of the effects mentioned:

  • Gives you clarity and focus
  • Helps you recognize limiting behavior, thought forms and unconscious patterns
  • Eases restrictions and anxieties
  • Gives you a feeling of calm and peace (grounding)
  • Releases emotional blocks
  • Gives you energy if you need it
  • Relieves pain
  • Shifts dyslexia
  • Helps in remembering your dreams or expanding communication in dream time
  • Helps direct you to your life’s mission
  • Opens creativity
  • Centers and balances

The wave seems to me to be a vehicle to connect us to the part of us that “knows.” I believe we have and hold inside of us all the information we’ve ever known. As for scientific reality, the brain is a receiver, it is what “sees.” The eyes only conduct specific frequencies. The brain frequencies are translated into waveforms or images that are perceived by consciousness. I believe we can effect repair on our physical bodies by shifting to an optimal frequency state.

On another level, some people have experienced:

  • Seeing visual images of their own brain and being shown how to “rewire” it
  • Becoming aware of the internal communication between body and mind
  • Unwinding blocked energies
  • Listening on a different level
  • Speedier healing
  • The appearance or expansion of talents and gifts.

In addition to the personalized frequency wave readings, I offer some generic waves that anyone can do, including anti-allergy and anti-smoking wave patterns, one to release muscle stress, one called the Wave of Hope, and one called Metamorphosis, which is for addictions, inner calm and inner peace. I have found that you can use this process along with other healing modalities; it just amplifies the benefits.

To enlighten you to the origin of this process, it comes from a group of light beings collectively called “The Council,” who have been able to translate the information through me. Here is The Council’s response when I asked, “What is the wave and how does it work?”

    The wave pattern is a carrier of the light-creator frequency. It is a frequency-modulating device using and emitting sporadic tones (inaudible to most, but internally heard) to elevate the conscious and receptive ability of the human person, perpetuating a simultaneous connection to one’s higher self or soul-body essence. This process enables the experiencer to become one or closer to the innate wisdom contained within their bodies and their energy field. The wave smoothes out the rough edges of frequency that hinder the individual’s progress here on Earth. Let it be known to those of you who are chosen to witness the divine spheres of multidimensional existence that it is drawing itself closer to your planetary body. Magnetic poles and fields are shifting. This creates a higher frequency than what you have been accustomed to.

    The wave, therefore, helps in balancing the human subject and enlightens them to the mental expansion available and necessary to continue their journey here. As the subject becomes more attuned to these elevated frequencies, their energy field changes (clears up). The erratic energies are essentially moved out and replaced by pure energy strands. The subjects will discover a profound shift has occurred somewhere in their being. They might begin to develop a sense of deep knowingness, although not always at the conscious level of expression. In time this will come.

I am so grateful to have found my life’s purpose. If you feel drawn or intrigued by this process, then by all means contact me. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Clients do not have to be in the vicinity, as the process can be done long-distance. You can e-mail me at waterlily3@rcn.com.