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Volume 2, Number 8

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by Knowflakes
of Conscious Evolution



Enter the Aquarian Age
Greet the Earth Queen,
Ring in her reign,
The great Earth age

Agree, and the era art

Turn to Gaia in the Aquarian Age
Hear her ring in great thing(s)

Turn to Gaia
Greet her
Greet the Earth
Reap the gains
Greet the great age

- Terri








   Hear the Train
    Great Aqua Gaia
    Untie the Hurt
    Unite the Heart

    Quiet the Gate
    The Three Reign
    Turn the Hate
    The True Heart Age

    Grant the Gain
    Heat the Rain
    Quite a Hug!
    Heart a’grin

    Hang in There!
    Hear the Train Gear
    Quiet the Gate Hinge
    Grant the Great Heart
    Green Gain

    - Rena
he Great Ra Near Earth Heart    
    Ra Hear Gaia Tune
      Hear The Earth Tune
        The Green Earth Heart
          The Green Tune
            Hear The Green Earth Tune
              Hear The AquaGreen Earth Tune
                Reunite Earth Heart

                    - Woody              

Reunite in Gaia,
The great green Earth.
Gather in her heart again,
The great return.

Hear a true thing:
I, thee, he,
Are a unit in the Great Heart.
Then again,
I, thee, he
Are three!

Unite then untie,
Untie then unite,
The great return.

Hug then hurt,
Argue then agree,
Rage then grin,
Again then again.

Quit the hate
Hang the anger
Hurt the Earth?
Nah - Hug a tree!
Unite in a heart net
(An Inter-net)
Regain the great green Earth
Gather in her heart again
In the Aquarian Age

- Gregory