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Conscious Community

by Carrie Chesney


Imagine yourself just cruising along in your car. You have friends and family with you in the car, all the people that mean anything to you in your life. You’re all just going along smiling, laughing and singing. Everything is great. Not a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing, and the scenery is gorgeous. You stop looking at the road just briefly to admire it all and give thanks for the beauty that is in this world. You turn back to the road and suddenly you see this huge wall directly in front of you in the middle of the road. You slam on the brakes as hard as you can to avoid hitting it, and you stop with your front fender just inches away from it.

In that instant, your whole environment has changed. No one’s singing and laughing anymore. The heat has become unbearable, though you didn’t notice before. Worst of all, you’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere with this huge wall in front of you. This wall spans for miles with no easily discernable way around. No one is hurt, and you are thankful for that, but everyone, and most especially you, is frustrated. You’re all blocked from getting to your destination. There seems to be no way to go but back, only you don’t really want to because that will tack hours onto your time, and even then, you don’t have a roadmap with you so you don’t know any alternate routes. It’s just one giant frustration.

Now, bring this imaginary scenario into your real life. We’ve all felt like we were blocked at some point in life, usually by one big area of life, whether it be family, relationships, work, or whatever. We run into a giant roadblock that causes unnecessary and undue stress. In the scenario, it was probably easy enough to turn around and find a gas station with a map wasn’t it? Though, in real life when we run up against roadblocks that hinder us from achieving or obtaining what we need in life, we just stand there staring dumbfoundedly at the wall, venting to the loved ones that are with us, thinking how terrible the conditions are, and wondering why God put us here in the first place. Soon it is no longer a wall... It’s a box. We get so caught up in what we can’t do, and what we can’t ever manage to reach, that we are caged by that which might have otherwise been only a little extra trouble.

Actually, it is this kind of situation that reminds me a little bit of the concept of the square aspect in astrology. The square is often considered to be harder than the opposition aspect because hitting a wall in life can be a lot harder than measuring and balancing the personality. Coming up against a square requires both patience and intelligence, and when you want something really badly, it’s hard to remember that even this little moment in your life and this obstacle will eventually fade away and isn’t even that important in the big scheme of things.

Not that I can really talk... My chart is filled with squares, and in the past I’ve constantly gotten myself caught in boxes that lead nowhere. Sometimes, though, the fact that I was slowed down and was able to see what I wanted made me realize that it wasn’t necessarily that big a deal anyway, or even that it was a bad idea in the first place.

Not that it always happens that way either. Sometimes we find that we want it just as much, if not more than we did before, but we are always held back. It has connotations of the forbidden fruit and so we make ourselves crazy over it.

That’s when we have to have enough sense to stop worrying, complaining, and otherwise adding negative energy to the situation, and just turn around and ask for help, or simply just turn around and never look back. It’s odd that once you stop caring about things, life tends to hand them to you on a silver platter.

And now ... on to the white light and love!

* White light and love for... *

  • The kids whose grandmother is worried for them in regard to their living situation with their mother and her boyfriend. Their grandmother’s prayer requests have been posted by moonflower in Star Chat. May a satisfactory resolution be worked out.

  • The people who were affected by the bombings in Bombay, EagleOverTheSea’s hometown.

  • Veneo, whose kitten was killed in a sad accident.

So that’s Conscious Community for this month. Remember, if any of
you have any comments, questions, or white light requests please PM me (enchantress299). I hope everyone has a great month!