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Volume 2, Number 9

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by Anindita Basu

A year ago, from somewhere in the backwoods of North Bend, a labour of love dashed over a million electrical impulses and alighted into the mailboxes of a consciously evolving community. Metamorphosis was born. Today, when we look back upon the smiles and hair-tearings of the year that was, it is with a lot of pride in the little baby that has held on so valiantly amidst world events that shock and awe; the little duckling-swan that has received such enthusiastic support from you.

For YOU are the reason for its being.

On this occasion, we bring to you a little celebration, a little introspection, a little analysis of all that Metamorphosis stands for. There’s a Vedic astro-sketch of the publication’s birth, with interpretations focusing on the Vedic constellations. In honor not only of our “hatching,” but hatchings everywhere, there’s a tongue-in-cheek look at how a dozen eggs would hatch if each held within a chick of a different sign.

And just for fun, we’ll start with the small brain teaser below: a quiz that takes you through some of the articles that have appeared in Metamorphosis during the past year.


Brain Teaser

The clues are contained in the short sentences below. They are followed by the answers, with the letters jumbled up. To help you a bit more, we’ve also given the number of letters in each word of the answer. Most of the answers are article titles. There are a couple that aren’t, but they’re still related to the newsletter and its contents.


Romeo strummed a guitar and sang soulfully, but all he got was a sore throat.




Past lives.....present reality.


8, 9


She galloped away from the grounds lest the castle ensnare her.




Humanity can shift to a higher state of consciousness based on love and awareness of unity with all life and our willingness to accept transformation.




It wouldn’t melt in his mouth, so it winged into his hands.




I see the northern lights in the sky, the clock upon the grass.




The hinged construction rocks to high heaven.




The secret of doing nothing, actively.




Their papers got her in a bind.




They smoked the peace pipe, then spirited away the cheroot. 




Eventide misted over the six-petalled lily.




Pansy turned Violet with the untold secrets.




The wind beneath my soul.




The men behind the crown.




The angels have wings, so why did they steal this?



~ The Answers...~

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Vedic Musings on Metamorphosis

Now that the baby is a year old (05 September 2002, 5:23 am, North Bend, Washington, USA, 47N29, 121W47), it would be fun to look at its natal chart and see whether what the stars are supposed to tell is actually manifest here. So I ran a sidereal chart and then, considering that I am working on a series on the Vedic Stars, I thought it might be fun if I look at the stellar significance. Metamorphosis being an electronically published labour of love that continuously strives onward and upward, I thought that the planets most relevant in the present context would be Mercury (communication), Saturn (structure and discipline to manifest something), Sun (soul), Moon (mind) and Mars (electrical communication). Since I was looking exclusively at the constellations, I am not exactly concentrating on other important areas (like, Mercury, ruler of the 2nd house, placed in the 2nd house and exalted) or things like why the Saturn of Metamorphosis should be exactly conjunct my personal ascendant, or why Mercury of Metamorphosis should be exactly conjunct my natal Mercury. Or questions like why Metamorphosis’ Chiron is conjunct my natal Mars, why Metamorphosis’ black Moon is conjunct my natal white Moon.

Here is a simple, straightforward analysis of planets in constellations:

Mercury is in Hasta, at 15 degrees 34 minutes Virgo. This hand-shaped constellation is ruled by Savitr, the golden aspect of Sun that is invoked to arouse the intellect of men to dwell upon the brightness of Knowledge. Savitr is the all-seeing one, moving upon fixed paths and illuminating the air, the Earth and the vaults of heaven. The path of Savitr in the sky is as dustless as the path of knowledge, to which Savitr leads his worshippers. He is the one who fixed the Earth with bonds and fastened the sky in the vast rudderless space. He is the creative spirit in all forms. The ruling planet is Moon, the pure shining drop in the sky that cares, nurtures and thinks. This, combined with Mercury, which is exalted in this constellation at 15 degrees Virgo, bestows a rare perceptive intelligence. Hasta is benediction. Friendly, youthful Mercury in Hasta would show an inherent desire to share this benediction with the world at large.

Saturn, the planet so essential to round off a shape to vague ideas, is in Mrigashira, a soft, gentle constellation represented by the deer’s head. The ruling deity of this constellation is Som, the divine nectar. The Vedas proclaim:

“The ignorant think of Som as a creeper that is crushed to obtain a juice offered in sacrifices. To the wise, Soma is something else again.”

The intoxication flowing from Som helps the seeker delve deep into the hidden chambers of the unconscious and find knowledge; thus does Som systematically lead one toward the path of enlightenment. Som is repeatedly invoked to help bolster power, slay ignorance, purify thoughts and lead one on the straight path. Mrigashira is ruled by Mars, the fast, sharp, powerful planet of fire and focused energy. Mars bestows daring and courage, valour, indomitable will and tremendous powers of self-discipline. In Hindu mythology, Mars is born of the Earth; hence, his energy requires physical manifestation. Saturn in this constellation seizes upon this power of Mars and brings forth a structured newsletter, distributed through electrical impulses to a wide readership. The Saturn in Mrigashira fulfils what the Mercury in Hasta had wanted to create and share.

The ascendant is how one hatches. The Sun is the soul. The hatching soul of this yearling is in the constellation of Purvaphalguni, ruled by Bhag, the prosperous one. He is the solar power that apportions to each man his share of the riches. Bhag is regularly conceived as a god who distributes wealth and fortune to those who seek. He is said to preside over the fore-noon, which is that part of the day which is brightest, busiest and happiest. Bhag is nothing but an aspect of Sun itself. The constellation is also ruled by refined Venus. The soul of Metamorphosis is, thus, a bright flame that revels in creative knowledge striving to make the the universe a beautiful place to exist in.

Moon, the mind of Metamorphosis, the secret feelings it nurtures, is in the constellation of Ashlesh, ruled by Naag (serpent). A serpent is often symbolic of unreleased knowledge covered by layers of darkness. It is the symbol of life force that is trapped and needs to be released, a release that is symbolic of knowledge tempered with perception. The Moon in Ashlesh gives the penetrating spiritual wisdom of the mystic. Mercury, the light, fast, adaptive and expressive planet closely associated with trade and communication, rules Ashlesh. Mercury governs the intellect and the faculty of discrimination - it is the capability to discern truth from falsehood, the pure from impure, reality from illusion. That is what Metamorphosis stands for: Conscious Evolution.

Although it isn’t Vedic, the Sabian Symbol for Metamorphosis’ ascendant, in the last degree of Leo, provides a fitting message too. The symbol is “an unsealed letter,” and the keynote meaning is: “The realization by the individual that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably to be shared with all people.”

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The Ascendant = The Way We Hatch

Complied by Ani from the posts made by
Cat, Lorsa, Rainbow, Sue, Biss, EagleOverTheSea, Ani,
Anessene, Proxymoon at the ConsciousEvolution Forums.


Old MacDonald had a farm. And on that farm he had some birds. And then those birds there laid some eggs. And then a hatch here, a hatch there, hatch hatch hatch hatch everywhere.

And there stood MacDonald shaking his head, struggling with the last pieces. “Hey!! Can someone hand me a microscope here, don’t want to miss anything, maybe there is a little piece I can’t see with my eyes?? Oh, wait I’m done! But now what?” He looks around. “Oh my, look at THIS mess, hey there is a bird here. Hello what’s your name?? Aries you say?? OK, Aries, let me teach you some cleaning, you can’t leave things like this behind you. HEY! Where do you think you are going?? You arenīt finished here!! What do you mean boring?? Come baaaaack!” Lets out a deep sigh. “Well then, someone has to do this and it look likes it has to be me.”

Another big sigh as he bends down to pick up another piece. “When will I ever have time for my own dreams?”

Meanwhile, his filly Thunder is chuckling away to himself, swishing flies and telling Buster snoozing nearby, “Know something, old buddy? A Cancer rising bird knows it has to hatch, cracks the shell, and then decides its safer in the egg it knows! The Taurus rising bird will be slow to hatch but, once the process is begun, will carry it through in a determined and steady fashion. The Leo rising bird will wait until the conditions are suitable to make a dramatic or dignified entrance, exhibiting itself proudly to the world.”

Buster, his tired bones no longer up to chasing sheep and barking at wolves, opens an eye and says, “Yeah? Is that English?”

But Thunder’s already had a captive audience by now, in Jerry. “Do go on,” he squeaks, whiskers tingling. So Thunder swishes some more and tells his tale:

Now, an Aries bird would say - I am! But, where am I? Someone is trying to keep me locked in, huh? ... Gotta get moving ... got all kinds of things to do. (Can’t say I’ll finish ’em, but, if you follow the leader - ME) - you can finish ’em for me!) Here I come! I’m here! I’m here! Grrrrr ... I am going OUT! Ouch, my head! That did hurt! Well well, just a bruise, where was I?? Get out, yes, OUT!!! EIIAAAAAAHHH I’m FREE!!”

A Taurus birdie, on the other hand, would hatch quite differently. It would say - “'s pretty comfortable in here. I could get used to this.” It would then sit back, relaxs, yawn, stretch but after a little rest, it’ll think about going outside ... because after all, there’s probably money to be made out there, and just think of all the things it could buy if it had some money.

A Gemini bird would probably hatch out very very fast. It would very soon feel bored, because it has absolutely no one to talk to. It would look around inside the egg for a phone, a TV, a computer, and then get disgusted because not even a pencil and paper was around. And unable to take much more of it, it would simply plop out.

A Cancer Rising bird would hate to hatch. It is the only bird that has plants inside the eggshell, and pictures hanging in there. When it finally decides to hatch, it’ll peek around to see if there are any boogy men out there. And just because it is stepping out, it doesn’t mean that it won’t glue the walls back together so it’ll have a place to return to. And it would probably bring a cute little doggy and kitty back with itself.

You can tell when a Leo rising chick is about to hatch. The egg starts to glow and get really HOT, a hole forms and the light shines through like a spotlight, and then the bird splits the shell wide open, jumps out right on the little X, and says, “Meep, Meep, Meep!”

A Virgo rising would, however, take a much longer (and much quieter) route. It would analyse the egg carefully and consider all small details that no one else thought of, like how to destroy the shell using as little force, work and time as possible. And then when it has gotten out of the egg, it will carefully clean up the mess of shell pieces and look for a recycle trash-can to put them in.

Libra hatching would also take a longer time to hatch, but for different reasons. It would sit thinking maybe it should, maybe it shouldn’t. Or should it peck out of the top, or the bottom? Would everything be beautiful outside? Maybe it would be better to stay here where there’s comfort for sure, but it might be missing something really great outside this shell. But it wouldn’t want to be out there by itself. But it will break out, because its Significant Other might probably just be waiting outside. Or maybe he won’t be. To leave or not to leave? Ooh decisions, decisions... Thus, a Libra bird would take a loooong time to hatch its way out. Because, first, it has to decide whether or not it actually should hatch, whether it’s really worth it. And that takes some time, becuase there are many things to consider to get a proper opinion. And when it has finally desided to go out (mostly because it doesn’t like the colors inside the egg), it has to decide what spot to start the hatching. But when it finally makes its way out, the Libra bird does it with a smile to die for.

So now let’s see a Scorpio hatching. It would feel this intensity, like maybe it’s going to explode, and it knows that this abode is temporary anyway and that then it’ll explode into a much bigger world. It would believe that it is the only one who knows about exploding. It’ll appear to be entering the world in a quiet and reserved manner, and they’ll never know what it is feeling underneath.

Sagittarian hatching isn’t given to such subtleties. It’ll get this feeling like: “Come ON! I’ve got things to do, places to go, people to see.” It would then trip on some eggshell piece and fall sprawling on the floor.

Which brings us to the Cappy. Well, first he’d consider what the weather may be like outside of the shell ... then he’d wonder if the food was going to be better out of the shell than inside it, and finally he’d check to make sure he’d got his shoes on ... THEN he’d be outta there.

An Aquarian bird. Ah, now that’s a specimen indeed! The mother bird gawked at it, very confused about this little bird with feathers of colors never seen before. An Aquarian bird would think ... “Why should I hatch like everybody else? Do I have to hatch? There are more important things to deal with. So maybe ... I’ll just make a couple of holes at the bottom to push my legs out and a couple of holes at the top for me to see where I’m going and that should be enough! Now that would be a unique bird, wouldn’t it?” And thus, the Aquarian bird walked around on its two feet, with its head sticking out and the remaining part of the shell surrounding it like a beer barrel. “What the heck,” it thought, “it’s nice wearing calcium clothes! Plus, every bird uses its wings. I’ll use my legs for locomotion instead. I am different!”

Let’s see the Pisces rising now. It is so careful in its hatching, because it wouldn’t want to hurt the poor shell. But then the poor Pisces bird would face so many hours in the dark, not being able to strike the shell with enough force, that the egg itself would start to feel so sorry for the lovely Pisces bird that it would open itself and let the bird fly free! On the other hand, the little bird might think “Oh well, here I am incarnated again. Jeez, now what are these walls around me, should I break them to let me free or not? Well, it’s quite comfy here but ... Oh gosh, am I really supposed to start my first steps with destroying, how sad is that? Well, stop murmuring and do something ... OK, ok, let me try ... *knock knock* (it’s heartbreaking) *sigh* ... I’ve gotta crack these walls, but that’s OK, cuz I know those cracks will come out as a sort of beautiful abstract art work *knock knock* ... well, you little fellow, you can do it ... Mmm, it looks like fun, I can see the light, I can see the light, yaaaaaay! Oh my, what is that monster coming right toward me? ... Mammaaaa!

These came from the discussion thread, “Ascendant = The Way We Hatch.” Thanks to all who contributed.