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The Community Co-op Opens This Month!

by Gregory Ellison


The past month has been incredibly busy for those of us working on getting ready for the Grand Opening of the Conscious Evolution Community Co-op - and in fact, as I write, we’re still running arond like chickens with our heads cut off to put the last-minute finishing touches on everything and get the booths stocked with members’ offerings!

On October 9, the dream will become a reality, and you can attend the Grand Opening by clicking here:

For the benefit of those who may not have been following the Co-op’s progress, you can learn a bit more about it in The Community Co-op Is Coming! in the September issue of Metamorphosis. In a nutshell, it is our vision of an open-air bazaar or new-age flea-market, moved to cyberspace: a community project that brings buyers and sellers together with an emphasis on products and services - and a “way of doing business” - that contribute to the spiritual upliftment of consciousness.

One Step at a Time

The Co-op is a big project, and we’re starting from scratch ... so like anything brand new, it’ll be a bit “bare bones” to start out. We’ll be adding new bells and whistles, extra features, and new booths with exciting new products and services as we go. Please come visit us, and help us grow!

If you are interested in becoming a member-seller with your own booth, please contact us as soon as possible via email at