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Volume 2, No. 10

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One Plus One

by Sucheta Shetty
Every now and then, a major formation of transiting planets highlights important personal planets in our natal charts - making us look at diverse aspects of ourselves, as reflected in our charts, with new eyes. In this tale, the author mulls the experience of the Saturn-Pluto opposition of 2001 through the eyes of her Moon and Mars.

nce upon a time, there lived two planets in a chart. Moon was from Pisces and Mars was from Virgo. They had totally different outlooks on life and other important things ...

Mars, being from Virgo, lived in his head. For him, everything worked on logic. Logic and Rules were what made the world go ’round. 1+1=2. It was simple. “Emotions are a waste of time,” he said with a superior frown. “They stop you from doing what needs to be done. They fetter you; they lead you astray.” Moreover he believed, “Everything has to be perfect; I cannot afford to lose. What utter humiliation.”

Moon, from deep in Pisces, longed to feel. She realised that explaining life by logic alone was missing the point. There was something more to it, something that added life to all the logic. Something missing in Mars’ perspective - a void - she could feel it. “It is Emotion. Yes, that’s what is missing. You have long forced me to believe in logic. I pity you. You seem to have a cold stone for a heart,” she whispered.

“A cold stone for a heart, a cold stone for a heart, cold-hearted stone ... ” Her words echoed in his ears.

He tried to shake it off. “I am not cold-hearted. I am practical. I don’t waste time shedding tears over useless mush. I don’t let us drown in emotion. I force us to see things as they are.”

“You have a cold stone for a heart ... cold-hearted stone ... ” The echo was relentless.

Mars was beginning to get irritated. He could not see things from Moon’s perspective and what puzzled him more was why Moon could not understand things for what they were instead of indulging in all that emotional nonsense.

ver time, things changed. They say, “Every dog has his day.” Mars had already had his. Now, it was Moon’s turn. Her influence over the chart increased day by day and displaced that of Mars, till his voice was muffled by the sounds of birds chirping, rivers flowing, leaves rustling, notes flowing out of a flute, and hearts beating ...

Moon painted the world in brilliant colours, she filled it with the scent of the earth after the first rains, she made one crave the touch of a rose. She filled up the senses and made one blind, deaf and insensible to all else. She thawed the cold heart. She brought dreams that she loved to dwell in. Everything seemed wonderful and lovable. She lived in a world of her own.

Occasionally, Mars’ stifled voice would break free ... “Look at the pain, the sadness ... look around you; beyond this pretty veil you have drawn around you, look where this will lead us ... ” But his words would be stifled again and go unanswered.

In times past, he had made her cry with his sharp criticism, brought hot tears to her eyes that seemed to suck all the life out of her until she dropped off to sleep on her wet pillow. He had said she wallowed in self-pity, that she was weak ... weak and foolish.

That was it. Enough. Now it was her time. He could not take away this wonderful life from her. She did not follow Rules. She made her own Rules. 1+1=11. She stuck her tongue out at him. Mars sulked away ... ticking like a time bomb till something came along to set him off.

hat something came in the form of two travelers visiting old haunts: Saturn in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius. They were having an “Order vs. Chaos” argument themselves, and consequently were not in a very pleasant mood. They were not pleased to see what was happening in this little chart with the Pisces Moon and the Virgo Mars.

“Look at that Moon lady! What’s come over her?” exclaimed Saturn. “Who does she think she is, to come up with those twisted rules? 1+1=11, indeed! It’s back to school for her. Slog, slog, slog, learn, learn, learn, till she gets it right. I can’t have such indiscipline around me.”

Poor Moon! Hadn’t she been told not to mess with the Principal when he was in a bad mood?

Meantime, Pluto had his own bones to pick. “Look at that cranky Mars! Building up all that anger inside. You’re turning into a pressure cooker, boy! Bring it all out, bring it out and let go. Let go or I’ll have to kick your ass ... which will make you burst and bring all the anger out anyway ... but that won’t be pleasant, will it? So, don’t test my patience! Deal with it in a sensible way. You can’t go on like this. This has to change. Stop cribbing and nagging and get something constructive done. Do it. Do it NOW!”

Nobody liked what was going on. Tempers flared, frowns deepened, tears flowed ... “What an unpleasant sight,” thought wandering Neptune. “Let me try to make things a little rosy.” And she tried to paint a pretty picture. Alas, it only served to confuse matters and draw attention away from the real issues.

Meanwhile, Mercury walked by - upside down - looking for some fun, a chance to play some mischief. He laughed at the mess on this little chart with the Grand Cross of Moon in Pisces, Mars in Virgo and transiting Pluto in Sagittarius and Saturn in Gemini. He noted with glee that crazy transiting Neptune in Aquarius was squaring the Ascendant, trying to make things better for everyone but shrouding everything in confusion.

“Ha! This should be easy! They are already so messed up. Haha! All I have to do is to mess a little with all those words flying around.” So he pitched in with a little communication muddling to help bring chaos out of the order.

Utter confusion ... Where do we go from here? Ah, there seems to be a light ahead. Perhaps that’s the way out?

upiter in Cancer smiled ... lending his happy and lucky energies in a gentle trine to the chart’s poor, beleaguered Scorpio Sun, whose rays had been considerably dimmed by all the squabbling. Sun had been friends with Moon and Mars for as long as he could remember, and he wanted the conflict to end. Jupiter offered the chance for powerful help, and he did not disappoint. He winked at the Sun and spoke thus:

“Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and I started our journey through this chart in the land of Libra. Our message then was balance, and I am here today, embraced in the nurturing sign of Cancer, to show you how that balance can be achieved, to show you that responsibility and sensitivity can go hand in hand.

“You live on opposite ends of the rainbow, seemingly so far away. Yet, if you’d only continue down your rainbow, you would come full circle and see eye-to-eye someday. You look at the difference between you as something that separates you, when it could make you each other’s strength. If only you’d realise that you are on the same team rather than on opposite sides, you would look out for each other when the other one does something seemingly foolish. You could help each other achieve what each of you lacks. And you’ll be infinitely happier than you are right now with all the finger pointing.”

The Moon fell silent, and Mars was lost in thought. They realised that Jupiter had a point. But, it was not going to be easy. Moon looked at Mars with uncertainty written all over her face. Mars fidgeted and wriggled his legs while he nervously calculated the possibility of them ever getting along.

“Go on now and shake hands. The first step is always the toughest to take. But if you’d taken it long ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.” With that Jupiter turned to Saturn and Pluto. “And that goes for you two as well.” He chuckled. There was a hint of a blush on Saturn’s cheeks and Pluto had replaced his frown with a poker face.

upiter turned to Mercury, saying, “Let me have a word with you now, young man.” Mercury grinned sheepishly, wondering how he was going to wriggle out of this one. The Sun smiled his thanks to Jupiter, and Jupiter nodded as he prepared to launch into a lecture for the benefit of Mercury.

As Moon and Mars shook hands, Neptune, viewing the doings from a lofty perch, turned her cap around and smiled with satisfaction. “Now that would make a perfect ending for my next movie.”