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Volume 2, No. 11

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Journey of the Love Lights

by Darwin H. Webb


1. The Dimensions of the Shadows of Verse.

In a glorious galaxy cluster covered with nebulous gases of cosmic elements more beautiful than we could ever imagine, in the far reaches of the space between there and here, a grand coliseum of little lights brighter than any eye has ever seen, were gathered in love like no heart has ever felt, for their usual chat. There were not millions, or billions, as numbers cannot be used there, but we could just pretend there were zillions, maybe bazillions, gathered ’round. Each love-light being was the joining of Twin Rays, shining together after many lifetimes in many places all over the cosmos. To us it would be a spectacle like none we have ever seen or heard of, but this was hardly an event in the realm of the love lights. More like gossiping at the water cooler, if you can imagine listening to zillions of voices.

Well, bazillions as it were. And they were getting a little noisy; so a few million of the Seven-singletons groups zipped away to enjoy total bliss in a cove of brilliance. Soon - or not so soon, as there is no time in love and light - the others went on about their business, which was mainly looking for other love lights missing from their groups. There were many Pairs, some Fours, an odd Five, and sadly, some lonely Ones, and many sets of Three linked lights.

There were no Sixes, or almost none. A Six formation almost never occurred, as that would mean one love light out there was getting very discouraged, and you-know-who wouldn’t let that happen. But sometimes, a single light of a nearly formed Seven was sent on special assignment.

So off the love lights would go, not just from there but from all creation’s corners, curves and edges, over many, many eons, as we would see it, but to them it was just a way of life: Looking for the others. The lights were endlessly searching for that one last bit of their being to complete their eternal family … stopping by each and every known place to ask another love light, “Have you seen gvhahdgfhgghlendfghnld or urgjgnlghlkngqlkjr, or maybe oeirghighoirghlsk?”… names so long and wonderful they can’t be written or spoken by anyone. Posting pictures of those they sought wouldn’t help much, as all love lights look the same and not even a Virgo could imagine a list with a bazillion names.

2. Love Is Where You Find It.

To help facilitate the endless task of finding others, a language of matter was created so the love lights could crystallize and leave marks on elements that would hum a tone. When many marks are humming their tones we, here on this hunk of matter, call it a memory, for you see, we are the books of the love lights’ language.

As a Three-light group sped towards the atmosphere, one of the lights became a little nervous. This light had been with the other two in the group for only a short time and was concerned about being able to deal with memories. Many other groups were blipping in and out of the atmosphere, and the cosmos around any one of these memory libraries was a busy, busy place. There were 5-35 million lights coming and going every second. But the nervous light remained quiet as the three held onto each other and passed into the air with a blip, leaving a few ozone molecules in their wake and a big blue fountain streaming up into space.

The nervous light sparkled up asking, “Where are we?” One of the twin lights in her Three-group ran up to look out of the eye. “We are in a female baby. All is fine.” The nervous light felt relieved, as babies didn’t know much about marks, since very few of their pages had any.

Another group of Three-lights, speeding towards the atmosphere from the opposite direction, blipped in at the same time. But this group of three had been with each other a long time, and they joined in a group hug as they passed through the air. And as they did they became one light. This 3-Way light ended up in a male baby, and the love lights worked together, and the man-book became very strong and knowledgeable. In fact, he might have been one of the wisest and smartest books on the planet. This man was indeed a bit different. He was taller and thinner, so that allowed him to stand straighter. He could bend his neck back and look up into the stars. And the 3-Way love lights knew things. They just knew.

It was also very fortunate for this 3-Way that he was born next to one of the very first spiritual hubs of the crystallized elements. It was a vast library of marks known only to love lights, and made not of people-books but of more solid form. There were so many marks that thick, heavy stones were required to hold all the tones. We call this place Stonehenge now. It is one of many spiritual hubs of the elements. There are other famous ones we know, like the pyramids - a favorite of the love lights as it is in a bright, sunny location. But it became necessary to build more libraries. One of the favorites now is the Great Wall of China, as it has many spots to make marks and nice long runways. Plus it can be seen from outer space so the love lights can see it before they are born. And unknown to many, there is a hub in Seattle, Washington. The in-crowd of the single love lights hangs out there a lot in coffee shops. But there is one place where many love lights used to leave marks. Man-books can’t be there anymore. Many love lights have been waiting for a sign from you-know-who to say man-books may return there again.

Meanwhile, Nervous and her twin lights couldn’t quite come to terms with the memories and delayed in acting on many opportunities. She was behind schedule. The clock was ticking and the twins could sense it, but Nervous was getting worse.

One day, the female’s earthly mom told her to take some wood and clothing down to the miller and trade for grain and flour, and to get some eggs from the farms. The female waited for the lights to act. Nervous pulled away from the other lights, but they managed to start the action. As the female walked down the road toward the mill, with the twins sitting in each eye, Nervous panicked. She had a memory come through her. She ran up through the brain, and before long, the female had made many choices and gone away from her searching.

In the meantime, the male book had come to know that a simple life with nature on the farm would allow him to sense the presence of missing lights. When the time was perfect, he followed the road to the mill. He waited a few days, but no missing lights showed up. He returned to his farm and spent many years growing grain, occasionally retuning to the mill on business. One time when he was at the mill his wagon broke a wheel, so he had to wait awhile for the blacksmith to fix it.

The female, now old and rundown, had very little to offer in trade that day. But she gathered some goods together and headed out for the mill. The twins were guiding her as best they could, while Nervous lay at the bottom of the female’s liver, filled with memories and thinking of familiar lights.

As the female approached the mill, she noticed a male standing near a wagon and passed by him. The twin lights within her grew brighter, sensing something. And 3-Way felt a cold breeze pass through the male. The twins realized that the missing lights were in the male. They ran down to Nervous and helped her up, and she pulled with all her might on the roots of the face hair. She looked out the eye at 3-Way. She said, “There is only one? I can’t tell if it is our missing lights.” Just then the wagon began to move, and 3-Way turned to look out for traffic. Nervous saw the signature of urgjgnlghlkngqlkjr, then gvhahdgfhgghlendfghnld and urgjgnlghlkngqlkjr. She screamed and fell all the way down to the hip joint. And 3-Way, aboard the wagon in the man-book, rolled off down the road. The female stood motionless.

Time is fast on this crystallized ball, and by the time the twins got Nervous dislodged from the hip joint, the female had been home for years. The woman-book had fallen asleep one night and returned to earth. The three love lights zipped straight up into space, forgetting all the discomfort in a flash. The male also returned to the ground and 3-Way zipped into space, finding the cosmos filled with billions of love lights waiting for their turn to search the library of marks.

So 3-Way drifted off from the waiting groups to look in another place. Meanwhile, Nervous and the twins boogied back to the coliseum for a chat and some long overdue love. As they zipped across the cosmos, they passed by 3-Way by less than 1/32 of an angstrom. Nervous turned around to look, brightening her light, but saw only dark space, as 3-Way was booking along at warp 30.

But she hadn’t gone unseen. In fact, 3-Way had slowed in that moment as he had noticed a very, very bright light, headed straight at him. It passed by very close. “What a bright light!” he thought. He flashed a message and the bright light flashed back, almost covering him with pure white energy. The light was shaped like an X with a very strong O focus in the middle. 3-Way watched, and then another message flashed. Then another.

3-Way flashed an answer to acknowledge. Then his light grew very dim, and he slowly came to a stop and was motionless for what seemed to be a half an eon. He turned and slowly headed back for the planet of marks he had just left. But he was hardly moving, as if he were drifting, waiting for a sign from you-know-whom.

The three love lights were sitting in the bottom of the coliseum, facing the darkness, watching grand spectacles of the cosmos. They had been everywhere their hearts desired, and chatted and loved hundreds of thousands of love lights. But they still had a small problem. Nervous was dimmed down and thinking so hard one of the twins noticed her insides and said, “Nervous! What is that tiny black spot inside you? You shouldn’t have any of those!” Nervous became aware and brightened up and turned to the twins. “I think we need to go back to that last planet we were searching. I think the missing are there.”

The twins said that would be fine, as they felt the key to their problem was obviously inside Nervous. Nervous noticed a whole light of Seven not far away and wandered over to listen to them. After a bit, she asked permission to speak to them. She was surprised at how loving and compassionate the light of Seven was, and so she told them her story and asked for help in finding her missing lights.

The light of Seven came closer and began to speak in unison. The twins strained to hear what was said, but it faded into a whisper. The light of Seven told Nervous that she must take a leap in faith. Upon hearing this, Nervous’ bliss and joy turned rather serious, and two bright beams of white light thrust out like daggers at the light of Seven. She was upset. She was not a planetoid hardback book! She had very much knowledge and knew the working of the cosmos. She had seen a lot of it and knew all about faith and such things.

The beams of lights were so intense, the light of Seven moved back, but smiled. They spoke again. “Not that kind of faith. The kind of faith within you. The faith in yourself to know what to do and when to do it. Not the faith of others but your faith. For all faith within is of the same source, and we are never alone even when we are very alone.”

Nervous pulled back her beams slowly but thought that wasn’t a complete answer.

The light of Seven added, “We can’t tell you what or how or when, except to say that you will know.” Nervous brightened up in a round ball and thanked the Seven and returned to the twins. She looked at them and said that they should leave soon.

3. Connecting the Dots.

3-Way arrived at the crowded ionic belt of the blue-and-white element marker. He stopped for a while, but then thought, “What the hay.” It wouldn’t matter if he were a bit early. He could grow some grain and watch the weather. He proceeded on towards the atmosphere, flashing a special pass signal that the other lights understood. 3-Way already knew what man-book he would be in, so he didn’t even look out for many years. There was no need to search anymore. He would just know.

Nervous and the twins had been waiting around the marker for several years, surfing on the blue gushers, greeting the returning lights and basically playing as they waited their turn. Finally they were called, and they got very excited. As they huddled together the twins were beaming. At the last second just before re-entry, Nervous pushed them away from her. She knew she couldn’t become one 3-Way-type light with them as long as there was a dark spot inside her. She had to deal with the dark spot on her own. They arrived in a baby girl just like before, only the twins had indeed become one light. The love lights were brighter than ever and so happy. It took 2-Way a few seconds to realize that Nervous hadn’t joined with them. Nervous explained and reassured 2-Way that she would not become weak and that they had more light than before. She pointed out that they needed to move fast to prepare for the search.

What she didn’t know was that the two babies had been born an ocean and a continent away from each other. But it was also a time when there were flying machines and something never used before to read the marks of this library. The books were connected with moving electrons, and new uses were being developed every year. One of these creations was called the Worldwide Web or Internet. Some people just called it the Web for short. 3-Way called it his destiny.

4. A Dot in Time.

The first half of the 20th century was the last of the Piscean Age, and as time rolled through the 50 years, a single bright love light on special assignment had spent a lifetime of connecting the dots - the dots of words, language, the stars, and numbers. She made many marks and filled pages of her woman-book onto nature’s fibers. When she left the book she was in, she left behind all the darkness of her insides. She was a pure white love light on special assignment to connect the books of marks for billions and zillions of love lights to find their missing eternal companions. It would be her last special assignment, for she was now just another love light destined to meet her group. She will return someday soon. The clock is ticking and the time is in the heavenly stars for all to see.

Her efforts will be displayed around the magic marker by thousands of man-books.

And as these things develop, a quickening will stir inside each and every man-book to look inside and rewrite his pages for the new age. For all can now see plainly the errors marked thereupon.

The man-book and woman-book were already eating meat by the time 2-Way and Nervous had a plan. Meanwhile, 3-Way had spent many years developing the electrons of connections in this age and had decided it was time to get back to the path. He knew which books to read, but something was missing.

3-Way was so busy looking at the forest he couldn’t see the tree. One day the man-book dropped a fiber marker, and the last page sprang up into the air. As he reached for it, his eyes focused on the Worldwide Web URL. 3-Way had sensed the action and looked out to see the URL as well. His light beamed very bright as he ran around through the man-book’s brain and set switches so he would logon and get going. The woman-book eventually found her way to the website too, after experiencing some intense incident about time that put Nervous in a trance. During her trance, Nervous had dreams and visions of a sign forthcoming and knew that she should think upon this sign.

As the man-book and woman-book made marks on the Web, and read others, so the marks would be connected and spread to many other love lights, they hardly noticed each other. Then the man-book connected to a set of marks about a place called Stonehenge and stopped in his path, as 3-Way, shining within him, was reading the marks also and just about blew his filaments. So 3-Way instructed the man-book to make marks. Meanwhile the woman-book also discovered marks, and 2-Way had spotted the signature of urgjgnlghlkngqlkjr. Those five love lights within the two human-books knew simultaneously they had found some of their missing. They were happy and filled with joy, as they knew it was just a matter of time before they would join. At worst case, they would plan to meet in outer space, or maybe spend a few lifetimes learning and waiting for the joining.

But Nervous had grown very dim. 2-Way was attending to her when she saw her dark spot showing up. It was round, as most spots are, but there were two small T’s, one on each side, protruding out. 2-Way had never seen anything like that and was upset, as Nervous had assured her they had more light than needed to finished this life. Nervous finally came to, but she was still in a weakened state. 2-Way slowly traced the outline of her dark spot with a beam, describing in detail the shape to Nervous. After a while, it was all Nervous could see. Could this be the sign? What did it mean?

5. Time.

At the turn of the century when the calendar was to roll over to the year 2000, many became worried, and much concern was focused on the failure of the blue-and-white marker systems. You see, under regular time, it would be a leap year and a day would be added on February 29. But it was also a century mark, and leap years were skipped every 100 years, except when the year is evenly divisible 400. Well, if it would be that difficult to determine February, everyone thought for sure that rolling 99 to 00 would stop all time. But it didn’t, because the calendar is not time; it is only an overlay for reading dots of time.

Remember when watches needed to have their spring wound, and how they would be fast or slow? Newer watches use crystals because their vibrations are much more constant than a spring unwinding. But even so, we need big complex Atomic Clocks to make sure nothing happens to time, and every so-many-units the timekeepers add or subtract a second to the time. Now all the Worldwide Web markers connect to that very same time and we all know what time it is. Or do we?

Out in space, the cosmos is divided into sections. These sections rub up against each other like two basketball players vying for position under the net. Surprisingly, one of those edges runs right through the Milky Way Galaxy, down the solar system just past Jupiter, and then gently curves out and back into space. Over time these edges drift. In 2002 the drift came closer. Remember the Mars space probe that was about to land on Mars and simply disappeared? That’s because time in the two sections is not the same, and the probe ran right into the planet at top speed. The edge continued towards the blue-and-white marker as it passed just under the curve in November of 2002. The edge then passed over the orbit path and halted. The overlapping arch was such that the next time the blue-and-white marker passed by, time in one place would be 555 seconds faster and in another place 555 seconds slower. And inside the Arch, it would be the same time but a different time. But man-books would not notice the mark because nothing can see time except you-know-who.

6. It Is Written in the Stars.

Mars Conjunct Uranus: When your dreams, goals, or ambitions are the same, the two of you can reach for the Stars and grab whole galaxies of them.  - Linda Goodman’s Relationship Signs

The two books had now talked about the marks on their pages for years and determined that the other’s culture was very interesting and that each would like to experience it and make their own marks on their own pages. So a time came when one book was about to visit the other book. The female book used a flying machine to cross an ocean and a continent. They met in the airport, and there was a phase when the female looked at the male. Subtle truths were disclosed like, “Hey, you don’t look as old I thought you would.” And, “You’re not so bad looking. I was expecting someone bigger.” Just meaningless chit-chat as the windows of the souls allowed 3-Way and 2-Way to acknowledge each other, send some messages, make contingency plans for the future, and figure out what to do about Nervous.

They didn’t have much time, as the books were only together a week. To the love lights, the time zipped by, and by Thursday night a Full Moon Eclipse was spot on the woman-book’s cover, shining into the windows, covering Nervous with Moon dreams. The woman-book returned to her culture, and soon the two books were back to making marks as usual. Nervous was now almost silent, quietly muttering, while 2-Way read 3-Way’s messages over many times.

Nervous beamed up at 2-Way: “We must take this woman-book to the spiritual hub where no marks are made anymore.”

2-Way looked puzzled and asked, “What about 3-Way’s man-book?”

Nervous beamed back a stare. “I don’t know. I just know we must go to the hub.”

A few months passed, and the two books were chatting one day, and the woman-book said she was going to a special place in the middle of the South Sea. She didn’t know why, but just had a feeling she needed to go. Upon reading this, 3-Way beamed up and waited. And waited and waited. 2-Way sensed something and kicked the woman-book on the bridge of the nose, and the woman-book typed, “Would you like to go, too?” 3-Way read the marks and replied, “Yes,” then relaxed, knowing that 2-Way had understood the messages. Forgetting he was sitting on the man-book’s optical nerve, he spun around upside down. The two books prepared for the trip, and as they did the planet markers began to align into a pattern to create a series of tests and a window of destiny.

 7. Harmonic Convergence over Disney World.

On November 8 at 8:34 p.m. EST, a Grand Trine of planets that include Chiron will form a Six-Pointed pattern of the Star of David. The power of this Grand time will begin approaching well before 3:40 p.m. EST. The Full Moon in Taurus will be conjunct the North Node of the woman-book and the transiting North Node. She will be following her destiny. The main passenger on her flight is a little love light called Nervous, with a key of dark exactly matching the bright light of an unknown love light. Chiron will be conjunct the man-book’s Jupiter, while Saturn opposes it. Uranus and Mars will be conjunct in Pisces sextile his Venus. There will be a sky-load of transits affecting millions and millions as they breathlessly wait. Expect a miracle. Will the two flying machines collide in the new time?

The man-book’s arrival time is 3:40 p.m. and the woman’s is 3:50 p.m., each from a different search, a different set of marks, run on different dates. Some believe 3:40 is “20 to 4,” or the year 2004, and the approaching year started in September and will cause a DNA shift in the future.

Will Nervous leap? Will 3-Way and 2-Way know what to do and when to do it?

Will the bright love light be waiting for the six pairs of Twin Rays? Each entity must make choices in the perfect harmony of love. You are now the first generation with a real-time view of all the marks needed to understand and witness the Greatest Miracle of Love. Will it happen? It could happen; it might happen; it will happen eventually, and if it did, wouldn’t that be a wonderful Miracle indeed … because that would mean it will happen to your love lights, too.

Look up on November 8 and change your marks to love and light.