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Conscious Community — We Get Mail!

by our readers

One of the nicest things about doing our newsletter is getting feedback from readers who have enjoyed our efforts. Sometimes this is on the forums and sometimes in e-mail. Unfortunately, there are a few nice notes we remember receiving that we just can’t find, but here’s some of what we have received in e-mail since the ConsciousEvolution.com website began publishing Metamorphosis. Many thanks to those who wrote! You can write to the newsletter committee, and also submit articles for publication, at metamorphosis@consciousevolution.com.


September 16, 2002

Thank you so very much. I LOVE this newsletter! I also LOVE Linda Goodman who I feel a close connection with even though she has passed on. I really enjoyed the articles. Please keep them coming. Thanks you all again.

With lots of LOVE and SMILES,


October 4, 2002

Dear metAMORphosis Team,

Thank you for the newsletter. Very interesting, informative and easy to navigate. I am looking forward to the next one.



October 7, 2002

I never have time to do all the things I want, but getting to spend some precious time with your newsletter has become the jewel in the crown of my day. Thank you for remembering me and including me on your mailing list. Even though I only get to spend a little time with the site at odd moments, there is always a new thought to read, a new concept to consider. It’s so good to hear from old friends I thought I'd lost touch with forever.

Stay true and keep it coming,
Teresa Turner


November 3, 2002

Hi, you don’t know me but I’m a resident from LindaLand and I just wanted to compliment your website. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love reading your Newsletter. You all had a great article on Tarot cards.

— StarLover33


December 5, 2002


Your Metamorphosis article is among the best articles covering my book (The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi). I will show this around to my colleagues. Your synthesis and comprehension of the subject are superb. I’m sure your other articles will be smashing successes.

Mike Molnar


August 11, 2003

Awesome articles Terri Smallwood!!! Keep it up. Yours Truly … Andrew Stefan


November 10, 2003

Thank you for today’s e-mail. I haven’t heard from Conscious Evolution in such a long time! There is always something magical in your newsletter that helps me get through the day! There is the book the personal language of birthdays that I read and November 10th is the day of the Metamorphosis! I did enjoy the personal transformation lexigrams too. My full name is Richard Daniel Campau and when I lexigrammed my name I did find the phrase “A Druid, A Place in March” using each letter rearranged. Isn’t that neat? Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next issue!


November 12, 2003

To the Metamorphosis Team:

Many thanks for sending me a copy of the online Metamorphosis newsletter. Definitely want to continue receiving it. Many thanks! And looking forward to reading this issue and future ones!

Best regards,
Anne M. Nordhaus-Bike


December 22, 2003

Dear Editor,

I have visited your website, which I found very giving.

Jonas Lindqvist
Experience Foundation


December 24, 2003

(Regarding the Star of Bethlehem story from the previous December): Thank you so much. This is beautiful … I am going to pass it on to all I know.



January 7, 2004

I enjoy reading your newsletter very much.

J. Bingham


Each month in the Conscious Community column we include requests for special attention through prayer or meditation for people or situations dear to members of our community. Please join us in sending this healing energy, whatever your spiritual practice. Join us for interesting discussions on the Conscious Evolution Discussion Forums as well!

* White light and love for… *

  • Lilicfairy’s friend Brandon, who is having serious troubles with his back.

  • Gregory’s friend Bill, who is suffering from cancer and may not have much time left.

  • Woodchiro’s ex-wife and Veneo’s ex-husband, for their fragile relationships with their children.

  • Searching’s cat Marty, who went for a root canal and came back with his trachea torn, and Moonflower and BlueDove’s cat Mirandee, who is suspected of having a urinary tract infection. Both kitties are doing much better now, but we’d best keep up the prayers for a bit longer.

  • Moonflower, who is still having tests related to a breast lump that fortunately has been determined benign. She could use some extra light to help her quit smoking.

  • Dong-Yue (Cecilia) Zhang, a 9-year-old who was kidnapped from her Toronto home in October and is still missing.

  • Terri Schindler Schiavo, the disabled Florida woman whose life hangs in the balance as her husband fights for her “right to die.”

  • Moonflower’s friend’s mother-in-law, Mary, who is recovering from a stroke in a nursing home.

  • Toks and his brother, the terminally ill boys fascinated with fairies whom Gladeyes asked forum members to send fairy e-mail to some months ago. With no recent contact from the nurse who was relaying the e-mails, we don’t know the boys’ status now.

  • Woodchiro’s mother, who is having health concerns, and Veneo’s mother and former mother-in-law and a cousin, who are all suffering from cancer.

  • Amykins’ cousin, James Dean, who was in a car accident and declared brain dead. His father is having to decide whether to take him off life support.

  • Bluedove and the new baby she is expecting.

  • The Community Co-op’s success.

  • Searching’s friend’s niece, Danielle, who was pregnant with her second child when she was involved in a bad car accident. She is in a coma and the baby was delivered alive in emergency surgery.

  • Rainbow’s friend Sharon, who lost her brother in a car accident. For his soul and for the surviving family.

  • Moonflower’s e-mail friend, Ann, and her three grandchildren, who have been through upheaval in their home lives. The children are now out of foster care and with their grandmother.

Thanks for reading our newsletter. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or white light requests, either e-mail us at metamorphosis@consciousevolution.com or PM our Community columnist, Carrie Chesney (enchantress299).

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