The Last Letter ... The Lasting Breath

by the OptiMystic, N.A. Simpson
Dear Mother,
Everyone keeps telling me you have died,
I feel upset and confused ... Why have they lied?
O forgive me, for I did believe them ... at first,
They said Death is part of Life ... not a curse.
Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust ... they say,
But Mother, Never! Never! shall I Portray or Betray you this way.
You are more than Flesh of Dust, Body and Grave,
For you have Buried yourself Deep in my Heart to Save ...
... until this Day, so that all the Lessons, Guidance &
Love you Gave,
And all your Wisdom, Memories & Care, can Now keep me
Warm & Brave.
You Carried me Within you ... till my very First Breath,
Now it is my turn, to carry you Within Me ... till my very
Last Breath ...
P.S. ... I Love You