Star Watch

by Terri Smallwood

Welcome, Star Watchers, to June — the month when the Sun reaches its zenith in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the beginning of the long-awaited summer season of carefree fun and sunshine.

Spring began almost three months ago at the vernal equinox with the fiery energy of Aries that burned snow from the ground and brought the season to life. From this first strong impetus towards life in Aries we moved into the realm of Taurus. Taurus secured the growth that began with Aries’ fire by steadying the flame with strong and enduring earth energy. Stability and nurturing brought the seeds into a phase of steady maturation and it’s at this point that the mutable and airy energy of Gemini comes into play, germinating the seeds and casting them to the wind.

This trio, the first three signs of the zodiac, together demonstrate how growth occurs on many planes of existence, from the growth of a seed to a plant, an infant to a child, or an idea into a existent work of art. Aries initiates, Taurus consolidates and Gemini disseminates.

Mercury-ruled Gemini makes the ideal seed-sower. His characteristic duality gives rise to many unique ideas and even more interesting methods of communication. This sign is a talker. Filled with changeable and dynamic air energy, Gemini is restless, intelligent, friendly and agile. It’s no surprise then that Gemini is strongly associated with children and primary education.

Gemini, symbolized by the Twins, is a mutable air sign. The glyph for Gemini clearly demonstrates its duality, both by its resemblance to the Roman numeral for two and in the way it appears to be two individuals, standing side-by-side, simultaneously united, yet apart. Gemini natives even bear a sight resemblance to their glyph, as they are often tall and lanky. Their hands and feet move quickly too — as the restless Mercurial energy pulses through their bodies, seeking any outlet it can find.

The constellation Gemini contains two stars that also echo the dualistic symbolism of Gemini. Castor and Pollux, called “The Twins,” are a pair of binary stars who appear as a single bright light to the naked eye. In ancient Greek mythology, Castor was known as a horse-tamer and Pollux a boxer, both jobs requiring the agility of body and mind so natural to Gemini natives.

The dual nature of Gemini carries with it a connotation of higher and lower abilities. When working from their highest level of potential, Geminis are easily able to grasp many of life’s complexities, and then using their gift of communication, explain these mysteries to their fellow man.

Intellectually, this is where Gemini excels. His mind is quick to absorb new ideas. Experiences that seem ordinary to other Sun signs are avenues of exploration to him. He soaks up the stories of others and he spins his own tales too. Glib and exuberant, Gemini is one part scientist and one part storyteller. He uses Mercury’s intellectual rays to examine and categorize details and information to make brilliant and rational conclusions, and then uses his skills as a communicator to demonstrate his theories in unique and memorable ways. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a Gemini whose vision of organic architecture combined the rational knowledge of engineering and design with the intuitive understanding that form and function are one.

Gemini is associated with the 3rd house of the natural horoscope and all things that lie therein — short-distance travel, publishing, friends, siblings and school-aged children. There is an appealing childishness apparent in Geminis. Their curiosity and sociable manners make them popular and entertaining friends.

The 3rd house is also the first of the cadent group of houses: the four houses concerned with relationships and with mental and intuitive ability. The 3rd house uses the resources given in the 2nd to create and communicate ideas. Its association with Mercury and the element of air lend a strongly intellectual bent to the 3rd house. It shows not only the mental capacity of an individual, but also the type of learner a person is. The phrase, “Thoughts are things,” is a good axiom for the 3rd house, as the thoughts that are generated by the planets in the 3rd house (and aspects to it and its ruler) show the general state of mind of the individual in question. This basic mind-frame provides the foundation not only for learning, but also the backdrop to the thought patterns and themes that color a whole life.

The Sun finishes its turn in Gemini this month on June 21, which is also the summer solstice and the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. From ancient times, people throughout the world have observed this day with sacred rituals and ceremonies.

The word “solstice,” derived from Latin, can be roughly translated as “the sun stood still,” which is what it seems to do on this day, rising to its highest point in the sky, and then appearing to pause there. The ancients called this point, “the Gate of the Northern Sun,” and its place in the sky corresponds to 0 degrees Cancer, the sign after Gemini on the cosmic wheel. The seeds sown through the Mercurial airs of Gemini come to rest in the nurturing arms of Cancer, the Cosmic Mother, and the rushing growth of spring is put to rest under the hot summer Sun.

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