The Venus Transit of June 8, 2004

by Gregory Ellison

On June 8 many of us were witness to an astronomical event that no one living today has ever witnessed before: the visible transit of the planet Venus across the face of the Sun.

This event occurs when the planet Venus, the Earth and the Sun are all in a direct line and Venus is also at the same declination as the Sun. This occurs when Venus is very close to its own Nodes; that is, the points where the orbit of Venus intersects with the plane of the ecliptic (the plane in which the Earth orbits the Sun). These transits occur in a curious 243-year repeating pattern, beginning with two transits in early December, eight years apart. Then, after a wait of 121½ years, Venus makes two transits of the Sun in early June, again eight years apart. Then there is a wait of 105½ before the entire pattern repeats.

From the 17th to the 21st century, the transits of Venus have occurred on the following dates:

June December

What does it mean?

We can get a general sense of what the Venus transit means in terms of its effect on humanity by looking at major occurrences at the times of this transit in years past. Previous Venus transits have been associated with the first voyage around the earth by Magellan, the Protestant revolution of Martin Luther, the first national mail delivery services, and the world’s first international scientific research project. This latter is especially interesting, because the object of this first mutual venture by scientists from many countries, in 1761, was to study the Venus transit itself! The December 1761 Venus transit was observed in 77 different places around the world, the first time scientists belonging to different national academies collaborated in a common scientific venture!

The transit of 1874 continued this theme of global cooperation and communication, coinciding with the founding of the World Post Union, the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable and the invention by Alexander Graham Bell of the fundamental technology behind the telephone.

So, we can see that the transits tend to affect areas of global communication and cooperation … not surprising since Venus is considered the planet of harmony and love. But what might a transformation of world communication and cooperation look like in this cycle, when the technologies enabling instantaneous communication are already developed to such a high degree, and the social structure of the world is more deeply interconnected and interdependent than ever before?

Many believe that the Venus transit on June 8, 2004, could herald a development of communications between human beings that is not based on technology, but on awakening latent potentialities within the human brain itself … that it will, in fact, launch an era of communications utilizing our latent mental abilities: the visible burgeoning of the “cosmic mind” through the emergence of widespread telepathic communications!

Many of us have been feeling a profound increase in the number of synchronicities in our lives recently, and a growing sensitivity to what others are thinking and feeling. This could very well be the lead-up to the spontaneous emergence of widespread telepathic or “psychic” communication on a worldwide scale. Those who believe this is the case point to some very strong connections between the Venus transit and the Mayan calendar.

Venus imaged with an ultra-violet filter by the Galileo spacecraft on Feb. 14, 1990. (Image courtesy of NASA / JPL.)

The Mayans regarded the cycle of Venus rising and setting near the Sun as a key timing trigger in the world, and they recorded the Venus transits with astonishing accuracy. This, combined with the “coincidence” that the second Venus transit in this century’s pair will occur eight years from now in the year 2012 — just as the Mayan Calendar comes to an end — imbues the event with great portent. Mayan prophecy states that a renewed world of new consciousness will be born on the occasion of the Venus Passage across the Sun of 6th June 2012. The intervening years between this month’s transit and the one in 2012 represent a transition period during which the forces leading up to the major transformation will rapidly develop and be assimilated into human consciousness. According to Sri Kalki Bhagavan, founder of the Golden Age Foundation in Varadyapalyam, India, the Venus transit of 2004 will be the actual starting point of the Golden Age, a process that will come to a conclusion at the next Venus transit in 2012.

A world without secrets

The widespread emergence of telepathic communication would certainly be the kind of influence that could pave the way for such a major transformation of consciousness on a global scale, by breaking down the “us and them” barriers that have kept our world in a divided state characterized by wars and conflicts, competition and the struggle for dominance over others. The World University, one of many groups who hold this idea, paints a moving picture of how such a development might affect the state of humanity:

“Imagine what it would be like to live in a world without secrets, where you and others are unable to hide their thoughts from each other. It will become obvious in a much more profound sense than now that we are all one. If intentions or thoughts cannot be hidden in this strengthened field of intuition, an enormous amount of plotting against other persons, hidden agendas, etc, would become obvious. No one could develop secret plans for warfare, not even at a very early stage. No one could develop bad intentions against a fellow human being without this being obvious. Crimes against others would be clearly visible and the guilty person would be found out easily. Much of the ‘wheeling and dealing’ that goes on in the business world, where personal gain mostly takes precedence over the greater benefit for the world at large, would become inappropriate. The business world would become completely transparent. In personal relationships there could be an end to lies and deceit.

… with the development of more extensive telepathy, we would come to realize that there is no one to plot against. The whole idea of different individuals having opposing interests would lose its meaning. If we are part of this telepathic field, we would all start to become one. As we do, relationships between different individuals or groups of people will start to harmonize to a point where it will be obvious that hurting another is tantamount to hurting ourselves. It then seems clear that the breakthrough to a new level of telepathic contact would also mean that we have entered a new stage in the development of the consciousness of mankind.”

— Imagine a world without secrets
  by Anders Bjärstedt och Carl Johan Calleman
  on The Experience Festival website

Global and personal changes

In addition to love and harmony, Venus is about our values and priorities both on a personal and collective level. Collectively, we are becoming discontent with the state of the affairs of the world: the inequality, corruption and injustice that is so prevalent — and is becoming more and more evident behind the scenes of today’s conflict-ridden current events. Collectively we are in for lessons in humanity, and we are increasingly ready to learn that selfishness, nationalism and commercial greed are not viable paths to a survivable future for humankind. On a personal level, Venus brings our own personal values and priorities to the forefront.

Venus rules both Taurus (money and security) and Libra (relationships, justice and harmony). Because Venus is retrograde, its influence will affect these values in the subconscious or unconscious realm as much or more than it does in the external world of concrete events. Venus retrograde tends to signify a period when we “look within” to acknowledge discontent, imbalance and lack of harmony, something most of us are already doing in these times of crisis.

The Venus transit occurs at 18 degrees Gemini, with a strong opposition to Pluto. The transformational energies of Pluto are directed toward harmonizing the imbalances revealed in the retrograde Venus transit in a direct and irresistible way. This signifies a powerful time of transformation for our very disturbed and disrupted world. It could hardly be happening at a better time! This unstoppable trans-formational energy will bring ethical and legal transgressions into the light of harsh scrutiny. It will likely intensify the perceived conflicts and crises in the world as more and more “secrets” are brought to light that impel us to reject the social, political and financial corruption that is behind the dramatic events unfolding on the world stage. It could inspire a new level of intuitive awareness to permeate Earth and spread in and through human consciousness.

The ancient Mayans called the Venus-Sun Passover the return of Quetzalcoatl — a messenger of light, love and wisdom — but they also saw it as a symbol of death and a rebirth of a higher consciousness. If the metaphor holds true, then we can expect the next eight years until the transit of 2012 to be a time of crisis and turmoil in which the old model of separative ego-driven social structure and consciousness undergoes the death-throes of a way of being whose usefulness has passed, and a new spiritual and harmonious way of being, thinking and relating is born.

The world is ready for it!

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