Conscious Community

by Gregory Ellison


Change alone is changeless, they say, and that surely holds true for our Conscious Evoloution community, as well as the world community at large these days.

This month we bid adieu to our longtime mistress of Conscious Community, Carrie Chesney (Enchantress299), who leaves us to attend to a heavy school and activity schedule. We’ll miss her! We haven’t seen the last of Carrie, though, as she’s promised to pop in to share her thoughts and writings when time permits.

The month of June also saw several new arrivals to the C.E. family, with the birth of a baby boy, Brody Evyn, to Lisa (Blue Dove) and her husband Duane, which also means another grandchild for Moonflower, and two granddaughters to webmaster Gregory and Firesong: Marina Martin, daughter of Danielle and Richard Martin, and Natalie Laure, daughter of Kate and Francisco Rhein. We also have several members of the community proudly celebrating the high school graduations of their kids. Searching’s daughter Joanne, WriteOn’s daughter Sharon, and Woodchiro and Veneo’s daughter/stepdaughter Krista all celebrated this rite of passage into adulthood.

Looking at the recent threads and postings on the Conscious Evolution forums, it strikes me strongly that there’s been a shift of emphasis from abstract astrological and metaphysical discussions to more personal messages about what’s going on in the day-to-day lives of members and our families. Folks are facing a lot of challenges these days, and we’re looking to both astrological/spiritual tools and to each other as caring human beings to help us understand and rise to meet them. Some of these challenges are the happy kind, like preparing for new arrivals to the family. Others are less joyful, like coping with unemployment and making ends meet in an increasingly tough economy, coping with death and illness among family and friends, and worry over loved ones placed in harm’s way by the escalating “war on terrorism” and the growing casualties and insecurities that follow in its wake ... casualties that include not only the loss of life but also the loss of trust and goodwill among the nations of the world.

In this sense, I think our Conscious Evolution community is a mirror to the larger community of the world, reflecting a natural tendency to join with neighbors and loved ones to “circle the wagons” for protection and support in an increasingly unstable and potentially hostile world.

And, of course, the growing Peace Movement is making itself heard more insistently as members of our community, in concert with millions of folks around the world, begin to see the unhealthy direction that the rise in militarism and authoritarian government are taking the world — often to the benefit of the wealthy and powerful corporate/political “elite” at the expense of ordinary citizens around the world — and asking, “What can we do to change it?”

I think this is a good thing. After all, what good is metaphysical wisdom if not applied to human happiness and well-being? And what good is community if not a place to turn for support and nurture, and for common defense against challenges to the community as a whole?

The real challenge — and one that spiritually oriented communities such as ours are especially well-equipped to face — is to enlarge our sense of community to include the happiness and well-being of all humanity. To come to terms with the fact that our true family extends beyond the walls of our homes, beyond the limits of our neighborhoods and towns, beyond the borders of our separate nations. Our community is the family of humanity; and our common “enemy” is not each other, but a tiny few among us who profit from war and hatred and who wield a disproportionate power in the halls of government and finance, whose interests are served by promoting fear and hatred.

This is “grassroots” community in the purest sense of the word ... individual human beings joining with each other in ways that do not rely on mass-media and government pronouncements that increasingly twist and distort our view of reality, but rather on heart-to-heart communication and support. In a spirit of community, we can help a neighbor through hard times; we can take on active roles in government, from the local level on up, voicing our support of peace initiatives, human rights, economic fairness and humanitarian bridge-building — and our staunch opposition to policies that take food from the family table to pay for weapons of war and to send our sons and daughters to kill the sons and daughters of others. We can build bonds of friendship and support that circle the globe, by e-mail, Internet and other forms of communication not under the control of the rich and powerful, to awaken ourselves and others to the understanding that we are the real community of the world ... "We, the People" of every nation, rich or poor, who have more in common with each other than with the leaders who would set us at each others’ throats so that they might sit back and watch their wealth and power grow.

It is a perilous time in the world, but also one of unprecedented opportunity to awaken the sleeping giant that is the ordinary people of the world ... the community, not of national leaders and corporate boards, but of human beings who want to live our lives in peace and harmony. The giant needs to awaken into the self-awareness that we, the people, ARE the real power in the world, and that if we speak and act in our own best interests the corrupt powers of the world cannot possibly stand against us.

This is a time when we ... the world community of humanity ... can rise to the challenge and build a “new world order” built not on corporate greed and military power, but on love, cooperation and understanding. But if we want these things we must learn to stand tall and speak with one voice, for the forces of hate, greed and avarice will surely seek, as they have throughout history, to divide and conquer by pitting us against one another. If they succeed this time, we may not have another chance for a long, long time.

Now more than ever, those of us longing for a new world of peace and love dominated by spiritual values and human caring, must learn and heed the warning given by a great freedom fighter long ago, meant to rally a small band of ragtag citizens to stand up to the global superpower of the day, but applicable now to the community of humanity at large:

We must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.
- Benjamin Franklin

* White light and love for... *

  • Bluedove and her little dove, now named Brody Evyn. Bluedove is recovering from a Caesarean section and abdominal surgery. Brody has a heart murmur caused by a hole in his heart, which could close up on its own.

  • Rainbow’s favorite young poet, Mattie Stepanek, who has died after a short but fruitful life, during which he was physically limited by a rare form of muscular dystrophy that also claimed his three older siblings. Prayers for his mother, Jeni, who also suffers from this disability and from the loss of all her children to the disease. Mattie was a poet with wisdom beyond his years, who aspired to be a peacemaker. In his short lifetime, he inspired and touched the hearts of many people.

  • Gregory and Firesong’s daughter Danielle, who is battling high anxiety and depression along with a financial crisis after she and her husband, Richard, both lost their jobs and were uprooted cross-country just before the birth of their daughter, Marina.

  • Veneo’s mother, Lois, and cousin, Debbie, who both have cancer.

  • Woodchiro’s mother, Diane, who is facing health concerns.

  • Searching’s friend’s niece, Danielle, who finally awakened from the coma she was in following a serious car accident. While she was still in the coma, her second child was born via Caesarean section. Danielle is undergoing therapy in her efforts to return to a normal life.

  • Lilicfairy’s friend Brandon, who is having serious troubles with his back.

  • Amykins’ cousin, James, still unresponsive after a severe automobile accident.

  • Moonflower, for health concerns and to quit smoking.

  • Gregory’s friend, Bill, who is in the end stages of cancer.

  • The children Gladeyes told us about — “Toks” and his brother, who, afflicted with a fatal condition, enjoyed receiving e-mails from elves and fairies. Their status now is unknown.

  • Terri Schindler Shiavo, the brain-injured woman in Florida whose birth family fights for her life while her husband tries to have the tube through which she receives life-sustaining nourishment and hydration removed.

Please join us again next month, when regular full issues of metamorphosis will resume.

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