Summer Reading List

by Staff


Our staff is off this month, enjoying summer vacation with their families and friends. In lieu of a feature-packed issue, for the July mini-issue we offer this Summer Reading List of worthy volumes for your enjoyment and enlightement these lazy summer days. These are books that our metamorphosis staff members have recently read and especially recommend for community members and others with a penchant for effing the ineffable!

Happy summer reading!

The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom

ISBN: 0-7868-6871-6

Broadcaster and columnist Mitch Albom follows up his best-selling Tuesdays with Morrie with this beautiful and enchanting story about Eddie, a typical salt-of-the-earth veteran whose after-life experiences are portrayed as anything but typical. The book begins where most books end, at the moment of Eddie’s death, and from there the story twists and weaves, taking us through Eddie’s life as seen by the five people waiting to greet him in heaven. The poignant and unexpected ending adds a layer of other-worldly magic, leaving Eddie with a new appreciation for his ordinary life and leaving the reader with a profound sense of the delicate balancing act of cause and effect that every action creates. A quick read, but one you’ll want to do again and again!

An Astrological Triptych, by Dane Rudhyar

Aurora Press, 1978
ISBN: 0943358108

Scarcely a new bestseller, but one of the most thought-provoking and relevant astrological books of our age, An Astrological Triptych was first published in 1968, as a compilation and revision of three series of articles that appeared from 1945 to 1949 in American Astrology magazine. Rudhyar’s strength is his ability to synthesize elements from classical and modern astrology into a new vision of holistic world-transformation and personal spiritual growth. The book could be described as a handbook of spiritual transcendance, taking the reader step-by-step through a series of symbolic planetary “stations” on the road to ascendance, from the Moon through Pluto, outlining a clear course of inner spiritual growth, as guided by the wisdom of the Zodiac. Highly recommended!

Towards a New Alchemy — The Millennium Science, by Dr. Nick Begich

Earthpulse Press, 1996
ISBN: 0-9648812-2-5

Although not a biography, this fascinating book is devoted to an exploration of the life work and scientific discoveries of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a researcher into the interface between matter and energy whose work has been compared to that of Nikola Tesla. Dr. Flanagan, a child prodigy who while still a teenager patented his Neurophone device that enables many deaf people to hear, has built on many of Tesla’s concepts of energy to develop new theoretical foundations for understanding the subtle geometric energy that is generated by “sacred shapes” including the Pyramid and the Enneagram, and has embodied these theories in practical devices such as electronic telepathy and holographic speed-learning machines. A fascinating read for anyone interested in the emerging frontier where the barrier between science and spirituality breaks down to reveal an underlying unity with limitless possibilities.