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We believe that humanity can — and must — shift to a higher state of consciousness based on love and awareness of unity with all life. Our mission is to contribute our utmost to this transformation through astrology and other wisdom paths, through communication and awareness, and through loving community action.

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Psychology, Astrology &
Carl Jung

by Tracey Couto

Carl Jung, an early 20th-century psychoanalyst and colleague of Sigmund Freud, was very much ahead of his time in his theories of the unconscious mind. He opened the door to a new kind of theory of personality called analytical psychology, which is based on the belief that people’s lives are influenced by occult phenomena. The root of all his eccentric theories can be traced to a childhood colored by the opposing forces of religion and occult phenomenon.
Transcendence: Personal & Social Evolution
by Gregory Ellison

As we consciously evolve into the Aquarian Age with its promise of peace, love and spiritual values replacing the ego-centered and materialistic state of awareness we’ve lived with for thousands of years, it’s worthwhile to articulate a vision of what, exactly, this brave “new age” world might look like, from both a personal and a global perspective.
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Both Sides Now:
Vedic & Western Charts
for the First Man on the Moon

by Anindita Basu and Maria Barron

August-born astronaut Neil A. Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 mission and was the first human to walk on the Moon, describing his accomplishment as “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” An individual with such a unique role in history, and with international appeal, seems a fitting subject to use when comparing the two main systems of astrology, the Eastern Vedic and the Western Greco-Roman.
We Need You
by Staff

Some from among our editorial committee have taken on additional commitments in the physical real world that they live in that leave them with that much less time for the newsletter. We now have reached a stage where we are seriously debating whether or not to decrease our frequency by, say, going quarterly instead of monthly. However, metamorphosis is a link between so many of us that we would hate to see it diminish or dwindle in any way. Therefore, this is an SOS! We need your help.
August Star Watch
by Gregory Ellison

Welcome, Star Watchers, to August — the sultry summer days when the Sun, whose powerful rays sustain all that lives, shines forth with all the warmth and brilliance of its regal glory. All of nature pays homage to the Sun, from the waters of the earth that rise up to clouds in response to its warming call, to plants and flowers that bend and stretch upward to bask in its radiance. Summer vacationers revel in its tanning rays, as abundant crops drink in its nurturing light and reach the pinnacle of their growing season on the way to autumn harvest.