We Need You

by Staff


This issue marks the completion of two full years of publishing metamorphosis, and in that time, we have published the works of nearly 30 different writers. We think the pieces they’ve done for us are among the best of their kind anywhere on the web. As Conscious Evolution site members and newsletter subscribers have realized that they have particular kinds of knowledge, insight and creativity to share with readers, their work has provided the inspiration that keeps the newsletter coming out. The newsletter has a dedicated editorial committee, who work mostly because they sincerely believe in what metamorphosis stands for and want to put in their little bit into the effort to transform societal and global evolution. The newsletter is a labour of love received by our growing subscriber base (12,336 at last count) who look forward to each monthly issue; and this very fact, this eager anticipation on your part, makes us go on month after month, every month.

Lately, however, the strain seems to be showing on us, with the most apparent manifestation being metamorphosis coming out later and later than it used to. Some from among our editorial committee have taken on additional commitments in the physical real world that they live in that leave them with that much less time for the newsletter. We now have reached a stage where we are seriously debating whether or not to decrease our frequency by, say, going quarterly instead of monthly. However, metamorphosis is a link between so many of us that we would hate to see it diminish or dwindle in any way. Therefore, this is an SOS! We need your help. To begin with, we need volunteers for the following:

  • The graphics department. Our lovely Libra fairy Cristina Santos, she with the magic wand, has been totally immersed in her career change and family, and we would hate to impose upon her time at this crucial juncture. So, any of you graphics-wizards out there, please volunteer and let us heave a sigh of relief.

  • Star Watch. Our resident star-gazer, Terri Smallwood, intends to take a breather from this column and offer, instead, a regular question-and-answer feature on astro stuff. We, therefore, need a dedicated astro-student to take on the Star Watch mantle from Terri, writing an overall look at the astrology of the month, or of the Sun sign of the month.

We also continue to need contributing writers. It’s one of those “not for money; only for love” things we’re doing here, but we would sure love to have you join in by writing about something you love, or something that intrigues you enough to research. When we first began publishing, in September of 2002, a number of major topics and broad themes were identified in a survey as topics of particular interest to people who visit the web site. Some of these subjects may remind you of an area within a topic where you have interesting knowledge and a desire to learn more — so you can research it and tell us all about it in the newsletter! These topics can be approached from a wide variety of angles, and you don’t have to try to cover all angles in one story. In fact, short pieces on a particular angle of a topic can be quite engaging and informative. We need short and snappy stories as well as longer “think pieces.”

Top Ten Topics

Here are the top ten topics of interest as identified by the survey (with thanks to Tinkerbell, who created the poll):

  1. Astrology
  2. Dreams
  3. Healing
  4. Meditation and spiritual development
  5. Science and spirituality
  6. Extra Sensory Perception
  7. Numerology
  8. Lexigrams
  9. Feng shui
  10. Creative writing

Out-of-body experiences, creative visualization, environmentalism, mythology, philosophy and animal rights were other interests revealed in other portions of the survey. Although it wasn’t included as a choice for any question on the survey, human rights appear to be another topic of major interest in discussions on the website. Some “profiles in courage” of people who stood for human rights, or other great principles, would likely be a very welcome addition to the mix of Newsletter stories. Any number of global issues might also interest our readers. Other ideas, not mentioned here, are welcome.

Here’s how to jump in as a contributing writer: E-mail us with your story idea, and one of us will talk about it with you, so we have a good idea of what you’re doing. That way we can know early what topics we can count on having in which issue, and we can go ahead and plan for those contents. We edit all stories for spelling, grammar, clarity and our newsletter’s own particular, developing, styles of usage. For reliability and credibility of the information presented, we keep with professional standards of attributing information to its sources throughout the writing, as you go. Of course, if you’re writing about your dream, you are the source! But when you reference other people’s ideas, tell us who they are.

Those interested in helping out with the creation of graphics, illustrations and page backgrounds, or in taking on the Star Watch column, should start by e-mailing us as well. Can you, out there, help? We would love to hear from you at metamorphosis@consciousevolution.com.