Staff and Contributors

Gregory Ellison is the founder and webmaster of, a website that grew from the community spirit developed at He was co-founder of that site, which was the original and official site for Linda Goodman’s ideas, in its time. He has studied astrology, tarot, kabbalah, I Ching and other metaphysical subjects for more than 30 years and has followed Linda Goodman’s teachings since the publication of Sun Signs. He taught Kung-Fu and T’ai Chi Chuan for many years and is the author of Wisdom and Power: A Philosophical Approach to T’ai Chi. He retired from Microsoft as Senior Technical Writer for Programming Tools and Languages but continues to write professionally and develop instructional materials.

Cristina C. Santos is the newsletter’s designer and graphic artist. A publication and advertising designer for more than 20 years, she has incorporated designing and developing websites into her business as the Internet expands. Inspired by Linda Goodman and Zolar, she has been fascinated with astrology and metaphysics since childhood. She is currently taking correspondence courses with the American Federation of Astrologers and the Clairvision School. She holds memberships with A.F.A. and with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Terri Smallwood is the newsletter’s coordinator. Currently living in southwestern Ontario, she began her study of astrology as a pre-teen, about the same time she began her love affair with creative writing. Two years of living on Canada’s west coast (on her Uranus line, according to an astro-cartography map) opened many doors towards spiritual growth, including the beginning of her involvement with the various Linda Goodman discussion forums. A stay-at-home mom, Terri is also working on a novel and happily shares her journey with her husband, Matthew, their 6-year-old son and baby daughter.

Maria Barron edits the newsletter, together with Gregory and Terri, and also helps with graphics and page design. She has a degree in journalism and was a newspaper reporter and editor for 15 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. Her freelance work has won awards from the Colorado Press Association and the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. She has been fascinated since childhood with people’s heartfelt beliefs and how they move people to interact and mold the world we live in. She moved to Cripple Creek, Colorado, for a year of studies with an Indian medicine man in 1995, and since then has had the blessing of becoming acquainted with some of Linda Goodman’s friends in the area. She is married to a long-time resident of the district and is mother to a teenager and a 5-year-old.

Sucheta Shetty lives in India and is a student preparing to enter the “big bad world” of making a living, hoping to find the unique way in which she can make a difference in the world. As a cynical, pessimistic and irritable teenager, she was introduced to the Celestine Prophecy series by a friend of her mother. That started a journey of learning and evolving that led on to discovering Reiki, feng shui, Linda Goodman and astrology. She looks forward to more wonderful and enlightening discoveries on her journey, a lot of which come from avidly following the varied discussions on the Conscious Evolution forums. A chronic bookworm, she also loves dancing, listening to music and learning more about life in different parts of the world in different time periods. Metamorphosis has given her a chance to do something she always wanted to try — writing to share, to inform, or for the sheer pleasure of stringing words together.

Anindita Basu was born one rainy full-moon night in autumn in one of the oldest cities of North India. She spent her childhood reading anything she could lay her hands upon (including bits of paper the ground-nut seller wrapped his nuts in). Today, she holds a master’s degree in business administration. When not working to earn her bread, she likes to read (fiction mostly), listen to music (Hindi mostly) and shoot (with a Canon SLR mostly). She has been interested in astrology for many years. And she still reads the bits of paper the puffed-rice seller wraps his delicious mixture in.

Tracey Couto is a new contributor but an old friend to the site. She posted as Venus on the site, the predecessor to today’s After going to college and earning an associate’s degree in psychology, she is back, posting on the current site and contributing to the newsletter.