Astrology Answers — New Column Debuts

Hello Friends!                

Welcome to a new feature of metamorphosis — Astrology Answers. The ancient and powerful art of astrology has helped people throughout the ages with their most important questions. The art of divining future events from the stars can trace its roots back thousands of years to the people of ancient Mesopotamia (the land now called Iraq).

The insights an astrologer can glean from the interplay of Sun, Moon and other heavenly bodies are no less relevant in modern times. The difference is that popular astrology has come to be regarded as entertainment. Newspaper horoscopes are read (and often written) with little or no hope for honest guidance. Part of the problem is the precise nature of astrology, and this is where I hope to offer a break from the everyday.

Send me your questions about love, your career, your kids or finances. I’ll use your unique astrological signature, plus the current transits and progressions to look into the issue. Accurate birth data from you is essential, because I’ll build your individual natal chart and walk you through the “hows” and “whys” of the answer I find. Other readers will benefit from the instructive approach I plan to take; for example, learning to look the 7th house for a matter of relationships, or how to follow a transit of Pluto as a person wonders why his life is in a period of difficult change. Generic questions about astrology are welcome too! Regretfully, due to the limitations of space and time I cannot promise that all questions will be answered or published.

Questions will be answered with the best tools I have at my own disposal — the balanced viewpoint of my Libra Sun, the penetrating insight of my Scorpio Ascendant and the compassion of my Pisces Moon. Send your questions, along with your date, time and place of birth to You ask and Astrology Answers!


Terri Smallwood