Conscious Community

by Anindita Basu


The Sun, the Moon and the stars, indeed all those heavenly bodies that we make a study of here at the Linda Goodman-inspired forums and e-zine, exist in peace and harmony. Mars remains a fire-hot dynamo but does not bang into the Moon while speeding along the highway. Mercury, when retrograde, continues to be as irascible as ever, but does it dent Venus just for the heck of it? They are all distinct, occupying their personal spaces that none else dare tamper with, yet they display this enormous respect for others’ space and, in doing so, perform the most perfectly synchronised ballet that one can ever see.

Can we replicate this in our lives too? For me, the sense of respectful space would be expressed thus. Live, but not so that my neighbour spends sleepless nights because I like my music loud. Let live, but not so that the death sentence of a rapist and killer, whose crime has been proved beyond doubt, is taken up for campaigning by anti-death voluntary organisations.

The word “harmony” has a pleasing sound to it, a tingling-bells kind of a sound. So does “company.” Is it strange, therefore, that “company” derives from the Latin com (together) and panis (bread), meaning, to break bread alongside one’s friends? The company of others has within itself this implicit sense of reaching out and sharing. The sharing of one’s bread and salt, talents and travails, space and time; the sharing of something that one, perhaps, cannot really spare too much of because he needs it himself, but spares nevertheless. As Jesus said while watching a poor woman add her “mite” to the temple treasury, after the large sums contributed by the wealthy: “This poor widow put in more than all the others. For they have all contributed from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood.”

Help is On the Way!

In response to our SOS asking for help in the last issue of metamorphosis, you guys out there promptly responded heart-warmingly. It reinforces our faith in mankind (*grin*). This month, which happens to be the publication’s second birthday, we have the following additions and changes to our team and contents:

  • Firesong, whom many of you know from her transit reports at the old site, will provide her unique astrological insights as she takes over writing the monthly Star Watch columns for metamorphosis. She is married to the site’s webmaster, Gregory Ellison.

  • Terri Smallwood, who originated the Star Watch feature, will move to writing a regular column called Astrology Answers, providing thoughtful responses to readers’ astrology-related questions. Queries can be sent to the newsletter’s e-mail address,

  • I will be writing here monthly in the Conscious Communty column, while Carrie Chesney, who wrote here before, will contribute as she can.

  • This month, we begin a four-part series by an archaeologist and historian known as FishKitten, who brings us along with her on her “summer vocation” — not a holiday, but a quest combining her interests in the realms of the archaeological and the sacred.

We also have a new “talent pool” of people who have generously offered their time and talents, and we hope to be showing off their work to our readers in the future. Thanks in advance to:

  1. Toni Willey, who has both artistic and writing skills to offer,
  2. Susan La Duca, who sees writing for us as a route to healing for herself and others,
  3. Layla (Isis), daughter of webmaster Greg, who has rediscovered her passion for writing and plans to contribute in the near future,
  4. Stephanie, known on the forums as HRH FishAreFish, who has offered to help out with graphics files,
  5. Sergio Covino, who says it’s time for him to do something about what he believes in, and
  6. Pam Johnson, who has offered to help with graphics.

What a great response! Thank you!

Joyful Announcements

Celebrating good news for members of our online community, we share with you our happiness for:

  • Maria’s (WriteOn’s) daughter Sharon, who graduated high school cum laude and is headed to a prestigious university on a full scholarship to study mathematics.

  • Lisa (BlueDove), who has a bonny baby boy, Evyn Brody. Mother, child, big sisters, father, grandparents, including grandmother Connie (moonflower) feel on the top of the world.

  • Charles (Chahldean), also blessed with a new son, his second, Lucian Vance.

  • Gregory and Firesong, who have become grandparents in quick succession to Marina and Natalie this summer.

  • Rachel G, who shared with us the excitement of her summer wedding.

Continuing with the white light requests, we seek your prayers and blessings for the following:

* White light and love for... *

  • Toni Willey, a new volunteer for the newsletter, who has been hospitalised due to a chronic health condition.

  • The soul-journey of Gregory’s lifelong friend Bill, who passed on this summer.

  • Bluedove and her little dove, now named Brody Evyn. Bluedove is recovering from a Caesarean section and abdominal surgery. Brody has a heart murmur caused by a hole in his heart, which could close up on its own.

  • Gregory and Firesong’s daughter Danielle, who is battling high anxiety and depression along with a financial crisis after she and her husband, Richard, both lost their jobs and were uprooted cross-country just before the birth of their daughter, Marina.

  • Veneo’s mother, Lois, and cousin, Debbie, who both have cancer.

  • Woodchiro’s mother, Diane, who is facing health concerns.

  • Searching’s friend’s niece, Danielle, who finally awakened from the coma she was in following a serious car accident. While she was still in the coma, her second child was born via Caesarean section. Danielle is undergoing therapy in her efforts to return to a normal life.

  • Lilicfairy’s friend Brandon, who is having serious troubles with his back.

  • Amykins’ cousin, James, still unresponsive after a severe automobile accident.

  • Moonflower, for health concerns and to quit smoking.

  • The children Gladeyes told us about — “Toks” and his brother, who, afflicted with a fatal condition, enjoyed receiving e-mails from elves and fairies. Their status now is unknown.

  • Terri Schindler Shiavo, the brain-injured woman in Florida whose birth family fights for her life while her husband tries to have the tube through which she receives life-sustaining nourishment and hydration removed.

Thanks for reading our newsletter. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or white light requests, please e-mail us at