Twelve Secrets About Signs

Twelve Things You Never Knew about the Astrological Signs
How not to choose your significant other

by Blain Bovee


“Hey Babe! What’s your sign?” Apart from a lame pickup line, engaging in conversation about astrological signs is decidedly bereft of high impact effect. You’ve heard it all before. A friend at a patio party laments “The guy I’m dating is interesting, but he is a Scorpio and I’m a Leo, so I don’t see much future in this relationship!” Someone else interjects, “Oh I had a Scorpio boyfriend once and he was intense in all the right places!” Is there any reliable truth in these off-the-cuff generalizations?

Most people are familiar with the general characteristics, “stereotypes” really, of their own astrological signs, perhaps those even of a few others. But do you know the real secret meanings to the Sun signs? Wouldn’t it be useful to know the secret meaning of your boss’ or boyfriend’s sign? Much about each sign can be found in its opposite sign on the wheel.

Everyone loves those friendly, fair Libras, right? Hah! The only difference between a Libra and a “Me First” Aries is that the Libra will try to be nice about being “Number One.” An Aries simply doesn’t bother with niceties. Because Aries individuals are leaders, they rush to the front of the line without a second thought. Libras want to be at the front of the line as well, however they will put energy into convincing at least one other person that it is only fair that they go first. The trick with Aries individuals is simply to point out that you might be included at the forefront. You’ll be surprised at how fair an Aries can be.

You grew up with an intense Scorpio sister? Well, she is intense. Ruled by the sullen energies of the planet Pluto, the dark one, Scorpios can indeed be intimidating. Fortunately for the rest of us, Scorpios are hardly ever seen because they are all too often stuck in the mud of their deep dark waterhole. Taurus, on the other hand, is known for its affinity for pleasure, laziness and being stubborn. Truth is, Taurus is really just a Scorpio in a bathrobe. The difference lies in what they believe. Taureans believe themselves to be lounging in a sunlit meadow with pretty flowers all abloom. Scorpio drags an anchor along the bottom of a deep lake, a reality only he/she can know about. As for the renowned attachment to possessions that Taurus is known for, nothing compares to the Scorpionic fish hook once it snags a resource — yours or their own.

Looking for someone with great communication skills? Cell phones were invented for Geminis, right? Yes, the need to communicate anything and everything, whether there is any listener or not, is truly a prodigious Gemini trait. Sagittarians, however, can make the humming phone of a Gemini all but inaudible once they illuminate the world with their wildfire opinion-ation. A Sagittarius is, after all, just a Gemini with a bigger vocabulary: great communicators, but only if their opinion dominates. Geminis supply information and details of all manner but secretly want to be admired for their opinions … even if those change within the hour. A Sagittarius, on the other hand, will stop in his self-assertive tracks to listen to good information: a point worth remembering.

Your mother was a Cancer? Cancerians are the great sensitive caretakers of the world, as everyone knows. The inwardly sensitive homemakers, oozing with concern for their loved ones, cook hearty meals for the family while Capricorn assumes a position of authority to manage the workings of the social and conventional reality. Curiously, Capricorns will not step on soggy ground, choosing instead to delegate those tasks that have no obvious secure foundation. Cancers wear Wellies and will help out anyone lost in a bog. Capricorns wear brogues and prefer a straight line of concrete, upward-leading stairs. Going down the stairs is not really an option for them, unless there are some obvious results to be gained by doing so. If the basement is flooded, Capricorns will commandeer others to go down first. The anomaly here is that Capricorns put on an “in control” face, when the reality is they are extremely fearful of the unknown. Cancers are, for all their excess worrying, more ready and willing to step into uncertain ground.

Tired of dating self-anointed princesses of Leo pedigree? Aquarius is just a self-centered Leo with a superiority complex. True Leos want everyone to gather ’round and bask in the radiant glow of their wonderfulness, but it rarely occurs to them to proclaim a right of princely due. The air sign Aquarius naturally expresses individuality and uniqueness from an elevated perspective: “If only everyone saw the world as I see it!”

Confused by your Pisces boss? Borrowing from As Good as it Gets — take away reason and accountability, and Pisces is just a Virgo with no defining edges. The Piscean urge is to identify, through sensitivity, with the whole. The Piscean effect is to blur the edges of refined, precise statements and thoughts, allowing subconscious energies to camouflage the identity projection. But if a Pisces is not recognized for the precision of their perfectly intuitive knowing of an important matter, they will simply smile and ignore you. Worse, they may sink into a murky gloom of one who is self-sacrificial and misunderstood. Conversely, a Virgo needs to be correct but really loves to be seen as altruistically attuned.

As for compatible signs, do not worry about it. Fire and water can, and do, get along together astrologically speaking. Avoiding someone because of his or her Sun sign may be the biggest mistake of your life. One might do better in selecting a significant other based on the shoes the person is wearing.

The fact is, a horoscope is an incredibly rich and intricate window through which to view the human potential. Knowing your Sun sign, or your significant other’s, is only one fragment of information, upon which one should never make a decision regarding a potential relationship. Compatibility can indeed be assessed from an astrological perspective, but trust such assessments only to a seasoned, well established astrologer. Anything less is for entertainment only. However, these “secret truths” about the character of Sun signs could make a huge difference for you in the area of personal relationships.

Sign Identity: The Two Sides of the Coin

On the Face of it: Self-starters, leaders.
On the Flip Side: “It’s lonely at the front! Why is no one willing to be Number Two?”

On the Face of it: Steady, reliable, strength with aesthetic sensibilities.
On the Flip Side: Nothing changes; everything remains the same. “But Dear! We have eaten in that restaurant every weekend for the past fifteen years!”

On the Face of it: The trivia masters of the world.
On the Flip Side: The trivia masters of the world.

On the Face of it: Caretaking, the secure feeling of a warm hug.
On the Flip Side: If you can’t swim with their tears, the door is locked.

On the Face of it: Warm, vibrant, colorful.
On the Flip Side: “Look at me! Look at me!” can lead to applause fatigue.

On the Face of it: Refined, precise, the apple of your eye.
On the Flip Side: “There’s a tiny blemish on that apple. Are you sure you showered today?”

On the Face of it: Fair, kind, harmony seekers.
On the Flip Side: “It doesn’t matter to me. You decide (but you had better choose what I want!)”

On the Face of it: Profound, intense, in control.
On the Flip Side: A ship that cannot sail because it never weighs anchor, yet is always absolutely right.

On the Face of it: Adventurous, able to pull all ideas into something really significant.
On the Flip Side: Disagreement of any sort equals disrespect.

On the Face of it: Pragmatic administrators of strategic ambition.
On the Flip Side: Pragmatic administrators of your efforts to fulfil their ambitions.

On the Face of it: Refreshing, innovative idealization.
On the Flip Side: Just how significant is wearing your pants backwards?

On the Face of it: The sensitivity to feel and understand everyone and everything.
On the Flip Side: When all the colors are mixed together, the result is mud.