Star Watch

by Frances Firesong Ellison

Portents of change highlight the Libran month of October, as the turning leaves and crisp air mark the annual transition from summer to winter. Libra, the sign of harmony and friendship, marks the autumnal equinox, the point of perfect balance between seasons when day and night are equal in length for a brief moment in time, announcing the changes to come.

This October change is doubly in the air, due to two eclipses: a solar eclipse on the 13th at 21 degrees Libra, and a lunar eclipse on the 27th at 5 degrees Taurus. The solar eclipse sets the stage for joining with others in a renewal of friendship and thankfulness that Mother Earth continues to sustain and nourish us. Because October is usually such a vivid and colorful month, I’d suggest spiritual renewal among the autumn leaves in a magical forest (make your own magic!). This emphasis on social and spiritual renewal will especially affect those with a Libra Sun or planets near 21 degrees Libra — you’ll feel its effects most strongly in the areas of life ruled by those planets.

The theme of the lunar eclipse seems to be one of recognizing the past, but only briefly, so that you may move forward having integrated lessons of the past with your intuitions about the future. Of course, there is no dividing line between past, present and future, but the experience at any point of life gives reference to what choices we make later on. That’s what this lunar eclipse wants us to see, that a brief glimpse backward is sufficient. Learn from the past, but don’t carry it with you.

Having said that, the 1st through the 7th of the month present us with congenial and positive aspects for getting out and about and getting things done with little effort, highlighting October 5 as a day of spiritual communication and cameraderie, with Sun and Mercury trine Neptune on that day. Venus opposite Uranus on the 6th could put minor strains on relationships with a tug of war between desires for togetherness and the call of individual freedom.

October 8-15 looks like a time to get things out in the open that have been hidden, and to get those back-burner tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to out onto the front burner where they can be accomplished. Sun sextile Pluto and Mars trine Neptune on the 15th give you the energy and will to make positive changes that you may have been procrastinating about. Mercury also moves into Scorpio on the 15th, which should give a keen edge to your insights.

October 16, 17 and 18 are good days for intuitive thought and flashes of insight, or even brilliance, with Mercury trine Uranus on the 17th. Take a breather on the 18th and enjoy some friendly contacts with Moon sextile Sun and Uranus, before Sun squares Saturn on the 19th, when you might want to lie low or hide out in a cave! On the 20th it would probably be wise to wear kid gloves when dealing with others, and treat loved ones with particular care when Venus squares Pluto and compulsive desires may cause your relationships to take on a selfish or manipulative character.

The remaining days of the month, from the 21st onward, are kind of a mixed bag, because we have some goodies and some baddies mixed randomly. The 21st is rather a ho-hum, work-at-your-own-pace day. On the 22nd the Sun enters Scorpio and trines the Moon in Pisces. Although these are nice influences, you might find yourself a bit weepy and emotional because of all the water.

Don’t be taken in by any scams on the 23rd when Mercury squares Neptune, when fuzzy thinking can make it easy to mistake wishful thinking for reality. This influence can also make you feel a bit down in the mouth, with scattered energy and a vague sense of uneasiness, not quite at your best. Neptune goes stationary/direct on the 24th, briefly intensifying a feeling of mental fogginess before it begins to clear for the longer term.

More flashes of insight and unconventional ideas are the order of the day when the Sun trines Uranus on the 25th. With the rest of the month presenting us with fairly upbeat minor aspects, October ends with the theme of “all’s well that ends well.” It also presents us with the breathing space and incentive to face the next couple of months when we’ll be dealing with some strongly synchronous and fateful influences; such as the the original date of the Veterans Day (or Armistice Day / Poppy Day) holiday celebrated in the United States and many other World War I countries. Occurring two days after the presidential elections in November, the traditional Veterans Day is when Uranus — ruled by the number 11 — goes direct ... on 11/11 at 11:11 a.m. (PST)! Stay tuned for more info next month.

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