Conscious Community

by Anindita Basu


One often hears phrases like, “I am an Aries, I can’t wait!” or “Like a true Leo, I must always have my way.”

Pardon me? A true Leo? Unless one has all natal planets in Leo one cannot really be a true Leo, can one? We are all shades of this and that, a bit of gold here and a touch of dark blue there. And astrology is a method whereby we enable ourselves to see these variegated tints in our personalities.

Being students of this ancient science, all of us owe it to all others (students and non-students alike) to utilise this knowledge not as an excuse but as an asset. If, for example, I happen to know that I have a Sun that is debilitated, I will also know (if I study astrology) that this oftentimes translates to a poor self-worth. So, next time when someone pushes me over, instead of allowing this to happen and moaning, “What to do, my Sun is weak, I can’t help it,” I owe it to my astrological knowledge to know WHY this is happening (because my Sun is weak) and to DO something about it (like take a deep breath and say, “No, please stop pushing”). Strengthen the weak, even out the strong. Sure, it may not work the first time. It may not work the 10th time either. But the 11th time, it may.

Similarly for others. “Goodness, he is so slow, and he never accepts new ideas.” Saturn? Ah well, present him an idea in bits and pieces, one little step at a time. Allow him an eternity to think it over. One will be surprised at the number of “dynamic” ideas he will end up accepting — and implementing wholeheartedly. Saturn is a great implementor.

It just calls for an enormous amount of patience to use our astro-knowledge constructively. But, if we have this knowledge, should we not use it thus? I have often seen seemingly frustrating situations getting resolved thus. Not all fingers of the hand are equal; some are more equal than others, and the index fingers, besides pointing, can also be used for lifting and holding.

Continuing with the white light requests, we seek your prayers and blessings for the following people and situations.

* White light and love for... *

  • Lilicfairy, for her new home.

  • WriteOn, for health and energy.

  • Bluedove and her little dove, Brody Evyn. Bluedove is recovering from a Caesarean section and abdominal surgery. Brody has a heart murmur caused by a hole in his heart, which could close up on its own.

  • Gregory and Firesong’s daughter Danielle, who is battling high anxiety and depression along with a financial crisis after she and her husband, Richard, both lost their jobs and were uprooted cross-country just before the birth of their daughter, Marina.

  • Veneo’s mother, Lois, and cousin, Debbie, who both have cancer.

  • Woodchiro’s mother, Diane, who is facing health concerns.

  • Searching’s friend’s niece, Danielle, who finally awakened from the coma she was in following a serious car accident. While she was still in the coma, her second child was born via Caesarean section. Danielle is undergoing therapy in her efforts to return to a normal life.

  • Amykins’ cousin, James, still unresponsive after a severe automobile accident.

  • Moonflower, for health concerns and to quit smoking.

  • Terri Schindler Shiavo, the brain-injured woman in Florida whose birth family fights for her life while her husband tries to have the tube through which she receives life-sustaining nourishment and hydration removed.

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