Tribute to Gregory Ellison

A beacon of Love and Light...

a bright light in life...

a blessing for all...

a beautiful soul...

Your presence was a constant reassurance.

A person who loves like Greg could wear out
a dozen human hearts.

A solid rock...the finest person to ever grace my life...

One of the best mentors anyone could wish for caring and giving.

You were always there, somehow you knew when I needed help
...and you answered me.

I remember back in astrology class...
where he earned his nickname “Gerg” when Tink once
accidentally typed his name backwards and it stuck...

Greg was “for real.”

A loving example of what one can do to change the world.

He was a very big person in every way, his mind, his heart
...he commanded respect, he represented it,
he was an inspiration to me and I feel to all of us.

And yet...there he was...looking after me...that is so Greg.

A gentle, compassionate, loving and giving soul.

I love you, Greg.

A man of great faith.

He was a caregiver and also a survivor,

His make the world more loving and caring
and a better place.

He never showed partiality and he never took sides in
disagreements we may have had.

Struck by his wisdom, strength and kindness.

It is an Honor to Know you...Greg!

His love for us could be felt by all.

A most extraordinary wonderful human being...

A Master of Diplomacy...conveyor of Wisdom...
a constant Flow of Love.

He was always here, bringing people together,
spreading light, love and wisdom.

I’m grateful for the gift of his life while he was here,
but I wanted him longer.

“Godspeed my dear friend.”

I give thanks for having known Gregory.

There are so many ways in which I have grown
because of knowing Greg,

His ability to always give people another go,
despite so many times they screw up.

My own life has changed so much for the better
because of the Love he’s shared.

He definitely made a difference in my life.

Thank you, oh wise one!

So many people valued your life so much.

The bond of love we all feel for Greg goes on unbroken
and will go on for eternity unbroken.

If anyone can find a way to comfort you from the other side,
I am sure Greg will.

Soar through the Stars in Joy, Beloved Gregory...
Our Beloved Friend.


He is dearly loved.

May Gregory’s wisdom never leave us.

He is an ideal...
he is the example of what unconditional means.

You have enriched our lives greatly and we are honored
to have called you friend.

You you’ve always been...
the Torch of Enlightenment...for Conscious Evolution.

Let the personal and Global transformation
that Greg envisioned continue...

this is just the beginning...


Composed and Orchestrated by
The Members of Conscious Evolution

Arrangement by
Patricia C. Myers