Thanks to All Our 2004
Contributing Writers & Artists

by Maria Barron


Pondering life and our times in our many corners of the world, 22 people worked in concert to create the articles, poetry, art and online pages that fluttered across the Internet as the monthly issues of Metamorphosis in 2004. We’re proud of these contributors’ inspiration, dedication and motivation to share, which makes it possible for the website to publish this newsletter, and we’re grateful for it. Heading into 2005, we look back now at the topics that grabbed us over the last year, with special thanks to each author. Each mention of a story is also a link to it.

Newsletter Committee

The website’s founder, Gregory Ellison, wrote prodigiously in this last year of his life, while also engaging his artistic side more frequently than before, creating backgrounds and graphics for pages in most issues. A complete set of links to his articles from all issues since we began publishing in September 2002 appeared in the December 2004 issue of Metamorphosis, but his library of articles in this last year bears repeating.

Greg predicted a year of changes profound enough to mark the beginning of a new phase of life in his January piece, A Look Ahead at 2004 from a Conscious Evolution Perspective. He wrote about astrology from a perspective of soul evolution in a three-part series in March, April and May. He analyzed the Venus Transit of June 8. He pondered Transcendance as Personal and Social Evolution in August and Meditation as Mind Control in September.

Along the way, he wrote about books: Christ, the Eternal Tao, two books about Limits to Free Will, part of a Summer Reading List, and one on Zen and the Brain. He also took a turn at some of our monthly features, penning the July Conscious Community and August Star Watch columns and occasionally contributing astrological aspect interpretations to our monthly interactive calendars.

With a background in news reporting and wide-ranging interests, Maria Barron plumbed a couple of decades of the history of rock-n-roll and the world around it in interpreting the lyrics of Don McLean’s Cryptic Classic, American Pie, when February made her shiver. In May, she told stories of the Honored Maidens of the Merry Mary Month, moving in October to a serious look at the Quest for a Global Ethic. The year finished with the decision of members of the site to Keep Greg’s Vision Alive and Online, and Maria shouldered new administrative tasks.

Maria and other site members applied Linda Goodman’s Lexigram techniques in March in a meditation on the site’s Rainbow Light Circle prayer-support group. She collaborated with Anindita Basu on chart comparisons of Western and Vedic Astrology for the First Man on the Moon and in a story of October Holidays across cultures. Maria also edited each issue of the newsletter, created backgrounds and graphics and built pages for most.

Terri Smallwood, the Canadian who coordinates the newsletter team, shared her unique astrological insights in the monthly Star Watch columns for February, March, April, May and June. In September, she chronicled the re-energizing of her spiritual life in 21 Days of Emptiness. In September she announced the debut of a new Astrology Answers column, and she answered readers’ queries about their lives from an astrological perspective in October, November and December.

Over the past year, many of the newsletter’s pages were built by Sucheta Shetty, a student of information technologies in India. Sucheta also guided a conversation, published in March, about the Healing Art of Reiki, an article grounded in her own and other site members’ experiences as practitioners. She regularly contributes to calendar entries about holidays in her part of the world and she also created some backgrounds for pages.

Anindita Basu, a master’s degreed employee of a government-owned company in India, whom we regularly ply with requests to explain Vedic astrology and assorted holidays of the East, created a thorough overview in March of the techniques used in Vedic Compatibility assessment. She collaborated with Maria on interpreting astronaut Neil Armstrong’s Astrological Characteristics from both Western and Eastern approaches and also led their collaboration on October Holidays worldwide. When columnist Carrie Chesney needed to devote more time to school, Ani took over writing the Conscious Community column for September, October, November and December. Backgrounds she made also appear in the newsletter’s pages.

Greg’s wife, Frances Firesong Ellison, a long-time astrologer, picked up with Star Watch when Terri left off, writing insightful columns for September, October and November.

Stephanie Lindquist of Minnesota joined the committee in October and has been making backgrounds and other art for the pages while working on an article about alchemy for the new year.

Contributing writer Tracey Couto, who brought us memorable stories by way of a June Fathers Day Tribute, an August Profile of Carl Jung and his groundbreaking work on consciousness, and a festive story of Yule, stepped in to write the December Star Watch and help with aspect interpretations on the interactive calendar. She has since joined the newsletter committee.

Also joining the committee is Layla Isis Ellison, Greg’s daughter, who wrote a lovely poem in Memory of her Dad in the December issue.

The designer of the newsletter’s basic look, Cristina C. Santos, needed to devote her time elsewhere over the year, but some of her artistic background patterns were still used on pages in the first half of 2004, and she came back to add her beautifying touch to the December issue. We will miss her, as she has decided she needs to leave the committee.

Carrie Chesney, who debuted our original Conscious Community column, had a busy year, but gifted us with two lovely Community columns before departing the committee. In January she contemplated the Saturnine Bonds of Time, and in April the relation of Sadness and Gladness.


Some of our favorite articles come from contributors who don’t have the time to devote to committee membership but come up with some marvelous writing from time to time. Kiara Windrider, a therapist and explorer of shamanic paths, got the year started with his perspective on the Harmonic Concordance of the previous summer.

Evelyn Laino, who teaches Arab-Egyptian Dance in Cornwall, UK, took a look at the Dark Moon Goddesses in February. Vikki McConnaughhay celebrated her cultural heritage in a March story on Native American PowWows. Former professional singer and TV performer Virginia Brittony D’Archangel contributed a Lexigram on a collaborative page with Maria. Kelly (Veneo), with her background in counseling, shared wisdom on Supporting Kids Through Tough Times and a Mothers Day Tribute.

Neville Anthony Simpson, the OptiMystic, took us into a poetic world with The Sister of a Secret in April, The Last Letter … The Lasting Breath in May, and The Middle Chamber in June. Archaeologist FishKitten brought us a fascinating series about her work in the September, October, November and December issues.

Author Blain Bovee clued us in to some astrological Secrets of the Signs and took us on a Sabian Symbol Adventure. The Peace Every Day Initiative group wrote about Creating Peace by Being Peace. Metamorphosis also brought you Robert Redford’s Critique of the Bush Energy Plan, plus a report on Financiers Going Green and a sampling of Mail From Our Readers.

Patricia C. Myers orchestrated a moving Community Tribute to Greg in the December issue.

Many thanks to all for all the good reading and attractive pages contributed in 2004. And thanks to the readers as well, for your continued interest. Let us hear from you! We plan to keep pushing horizons in 2005 when we resume with full issues in February.