Star Watch

by Tracey Couto

Welcome, one and all, to the chilly but lovely month of February! This is the month associated with flowers, candy and Valentine cards. It’s the time of year when we share tokens of our love with that special someone who warms our hearts and completes our souls. It is also the heart of winter up north, when bone-chilling winds and freezing snow keep us indoors and snuggled before a warm toasty fire, wrapped in the warm and loving arms of our amour.

The main event that kicks off the month is the retrograde of Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism, generosity, golden opportunities, good luck and good times; a retrograde that will last until the June 5. During the next four months, the blessings of Jupiter won’t be as noticeable in the outside world, but instead will become more internalized, giving you the chance to use Jupiter’s energy to strengthen your inner self. Look especially to the last three months. Have you been the most generous person you can be? Have you been happy and has your outlook, in terms of yourself and life in general, been as positive as usual? Have there been potential opportunities lost or not taken? Is there someone who is hoping for your forgiveness or vice versa? This is your chance to look within for the answers to those questions and make any necessary changes to ensure that the next cycle of Jupiter is a happy and positive time of growth.

The month couldn’t start on a more perfect note with the vivacious Sun warmly embracing the dreamy and wistful Neptune, radiating great big rays of romance and sweet sensitivity that will put you and your lover on a magical cloud of bliss and send you off into a world where fantasies become reality. Creativity and imagination fill the air, making the 3rd a day when beautiful masterpieces can be created. Altruism and compassion are at an all-time high right now, making this a great time to surprise someone with a kind word or deed. Venus, the planet of love and attraction, enters the wild and crazy sign of Aquarius in the month’s opening days, drawing to us the kind of exciting rule-breaking individuals who are full of surprises that will surely cause our hearts to skip a beat and soar to amazing heights.

The week of February 6-12 is buzzing with romantic love letters and conversations that will make hearts beat faster and sing with joy. Mercury, the messenger of the gods, teams up with mystically romantic Neptune and flows harmoniously with generous and jovial Jupiter, making the first half of the week a splendid time to mail out those funny and sentimental Valentines that will bring tears of laughter and love to the eyes of your nearest and dearest. Passionate and action-packed Mars enters the conservative sign of Capricorn on the 6th, toning the sexual energy down to a more responsible level where it is more willing to settle down and play by the rules. Later in the week, communications take on a more serious and intimate tone when talkative Mercury contacts conservative Saturn and passionate Pluto, slowing the chatter down to a deep and breathless whisper just in time for the Valentine weekend.

The love and sexual energy is turned up high the week of the 13th. Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, melts into the arms of wistful and romantic Neptune and joins hands with happy-go-lucky Jupiter, while the ardent and adventurous Mars gets all revved up by erratic and surprising Uranus, bringing lots of sweet tenderness, happiness and romance to the heart and plenty of excitement to the bedroom during the first half of the week. Mercury, the master of messages, enters the sweet and sensitive sign of Pisces on the 16th, adding an element of beauty, romance and compassion to our thoughts and communication. The Sun follows suit on the 18th, coloring the next four weeks with the same exquisite energy. Later in the week, the lovely Lady Venus sobers up when serious Saturn comes to town and offers his gifts of endurance and security to her charming and sensuous heart, while chatty Mercury gets a surprise visit from Uranus, bringing an element of unpredictability and excitement to the words you say, hear, read and write.

The focus is on love and communication for the rest of the month. The week of the 21st begins with Venus, who holds dominion over who and what we love, joining hearts with Pluto, the king of intensity and intimacy; and with chatterbox Mercury joining forces with Pluto’s apprentice, the adventurous, passion-seeking Mars, making this a time when we put action to our words and seek an encounter of love that is more deeply passionate, on a soul level. The Sun and zany Uranus combine to add an element of excitement and surprise to the mix. When Venus enters Pisces on the 26th, the influence is tender, compassionate and romantic. Venus also governs our wallets, so you might find that you are giving a little more to charities and those less fortunate over the next few weeks as well. The end of the month is all about Mercury trading in the laughter and good times of jovial Jupiter for the more disciplined and responsible Saturn, making conversations less fun and a lot more serious and factual. It’s back to business as usual when these two get together.

Overall, February promises to be a month full of fun and exciting surprises along with a fair share of heavenly and romantic bliss. Have a wonderful month and a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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