Conscious Community

by Anindita Basu


The age of political correctness. That is the age we live in, I thought, after a conversation with one of my friends. I had remarked that I was thinking of buying a second-hand car.

“A second hand car?” she asked, horrified.

“Yes, why not?” I replied, genuinely puzzled at her reaction. “You know that I’ll begin building my house within the next two months. I can’t afford a new car right now.”

“Yes, but a second-hand car?” she persisted.

By then it became apparent to me that even though both of us were conversing in English, we were not speaking the same language. Then it dawned on me — they don’t call them second-hand cars anymore. They call them pre-owned cars.

Oh well.

As if a change in nomenclature wipes away the fact that the car is, in fact, not new. Whom are we fooling anyway?

The blind are no longer blind, the dumb are speech-impaired, and we could as well be living in prudish Victorian times where cocks lost out to roosters. I wonder whether such blatant display of political correctness really equates to sensitivity or whether the roots go deeper — in our unwillingness to see things that we don’t want to. The sweeping-the-dust-under-the-carpet syndrome. Or worse, are we being led to believe that it is okay to wear coloured glasses? In which case, we are doing a disservice because, unless we acknowledge and face up to aberrations, how are we ever going to deal with them? And evolve in the process?

* White light and love for... *

  • Iraq’s courageous people, to gain the right to manage their country through the democratic process.

  • Bluedove, who’s fighting an infection and other problems.

  • Terri Schindler Shiavo, the brain-injured woman in Florida whose birth family has been fighting for her life while her husband tries to have the tube through which she receives life-sustaining nourishment and hydration removed. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to address this case and it has been bounced back to Florida, which has decided not to grant a further stay on the order to remove Terri’s feeding tube. Her parents who want to keep her alive are determined to appeal against the ruling.

  • The survivors of the Asian earthquake and the resulting tsunami that wiped out whole communities all the way across the Indian Ocean up to Africa. They now face the challenge of rebuilding their communities from scratch! If you want to contribute more than prayers, or are one of those still searching for missing near and dear, you may find detailed information at this blog: The South East Asia Earthquake And Tsunami Blog. You can also help by passing along this link to others and taking up posting duties if you are a blogger. Please contact the bloggers at SEA-EAT for details.

  • The survival of our Conscious Evolution community and its Community Co-op, despite the passing of its much-missed founder, Gregory Ellison.

  • Searching, as she recovers from a wrist surgery after a skating accident.

  • Woodchiro, who is recovering from a nasty liver infection.

  • Lilicfairy, for her new home.

  • WriteOn, for health and energy, especially now that she has taken on the task of webmaster.

  • Firesong’s daughter Danielle, who is battling high anxiety and depression along with a financial crisis after she and her husband, Richard, both lost their jobs and were uprooted cross-country just before the birth of their daughter, Marina.

  • Veneo’s mother, Lois, and cousin, Debbie, who both have cancer.

  • Woodchiro’s mother, Diane, who is facing health concerns.

  • Searching’s friend’s niece, Danielle, who finally awakened from the coma she was in following a serious car accident. While she was still in the coma, her second child was born via Caesarean section. Danielle is undergoing therapy in her efforts to return to a normal life.

  • Amykins’ cousin, James, still unresponsive after a severe automobile accident.

  • Moonflower, for health concerns.

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