The Year Ahead for Pisces

by Layla Isis Ellison


Born under the Sun sign of Pisces, you are dreamy, sensitive and compassionate, often putting the needs of others before your own. Being the last sign of the zodiac, you have an otherworldly quality and often operate on an intuitive level, which makes it sometimes difficult for you to relate to the “real world.” You are drawn to matters in the spiritual realm and are inspired by visions of a new age.

This year promises to bring you to new levels of creativity and growth, provided you can overcome the challenges by learning to break free of your inhibitions and express yourself and your inner child. You may feel the urge to shake up or radically change the image that you project to the world of who you are. You may feel reluctant to face the deconstruction of your old, outlived mode of operation, but it is in letting go of the old that we allow room for the new.

Pisces’ new Moon comes on March 10, which brings you the opportunity to call upon your innermost wishes, your secret nature closest to manifesting its desires. A ritual of intention at the exact time of the new Moon is usually the best way to implement desired outcomes in your life. The Sabian Symbol for this Moon, which gives insight to this year’s cycle of growth for Pisces, is:

Under the watchful and kind eye of a Chinese servant, a girl fondles a little white lamb. Growth in consciousness in its earliest tactile awareness of the wonders of unsophisticated living. WHITE HOPE.

As the Pisces Moon may bring up emotional memories of the past, and you feel your inclination to retreat and become withdrawn, understand that the past becomes our guide, our link towards seeing hope for the future. Trust your instincts to give you insight to the deeper, underlying message that will be revealed on a very subtle level.

Throughout most of the year, your biggest challenges are to work hard at your creativity and trust your inner child to take you to new ground this year. Play with your ideas and imagination and you will find a whole new world of freedom opening up to you. While Saturn is in the sign of Cancer, your fluid nature is exalted in the work realm. You are focused and able to concentrate, and it is a good time to start those creative endeavors.

This month you will feel like being active in your social circle. With Venus in your sign until March 23, take the opportunity to bask in being the center of attention wherever you go. Take advantage of the social buzz around you and go out and make new friends or perhaps a find a romantic partner.

The month of May will bring you an abundance of energy as Mars moves into your sign on the 1st. Take this month to exert your increased stamina and drive to make a fresh start, but avoid recklessness. Stay physically active; it will help release some of the pressure you feel building up in the workplace.

Your work environment may feel a little heavy and intense this year, especially in early June when an underlying problem may come to light. Someone obsessed with power may try to challenge your standing in the public eye. Don’t take the bait and become obsessed, falling into the manipulative traps at play. Your energy is needed for other areas of your life. You are given a second chance in mid-August to approach the situation with a little more clarity. The latter part of June through to July brings about more harmonious and beautiful influences, which create a wonderful summer respite and a good time for parties and meetings with friends and loved ones.

Under the Pisces full Moon on Sept 17, you will feel inspired by your connection to humanity and the collective. This will be a good time to sit quietly with yourself and create, create, create, drawing upon the guidance of your higher self. The creative process you started earlier in the year will bring about expansion and insightfulness in the next few months, but remember to be extremely gentle with yourself, as such a fertile and delicate time can bring about confusion and drain your energy, especially in early November.

Tension and personal blocks may occur in December, especially as you feel there is more at stake by then. In January you may want to distance yourself a little from the outer world and retreat inward, as you will be coming off of an extremely busy and successful period and you will need time to reflect upon the changes you’ve brought about. Don’t be afraid to let others know that this is what you need.

Creativity and learning to let your inner child play and make discoveries are key this year to unlocking your potential and breaking out of old patterns.