Star Watch

by Tracey Couto

Welcome, one and all, to the mutable month of March. This is the time of year when winter takes its encore bow before exiting, stage left, and the first green of spring makes its dramatic debut. The warmer days gently reawaken nature from its peaceful slumber, slowly bringing the world back to life. It is often said that the month of March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and this particular March certainly lives up to that reputation astrologically.

The month begins with some disappointing news about changes that have to be made or situations that must end, courtesy of a square between Mercury in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius. Your significant other gently urges you to take a break from the daily grind and spend some quality time with the family when Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra on the 3rd and opposes Saturn in Cancer on the 7th. Your time out of the corporate world will be worth it when Venus conjuncts Uranus in the romantic sign of Pisces, making love wild and very exciting on the 4th.

March 7-18, the Sun and Venus are traveling within four days of each other through the constellation of Pisces. This is a time when our hearts and the core of our being are feeling more dreamy, sensitive, romantic and compassionate. During this time we can anticipate growth and embarking on new adventures in our love relationships with the quincunx from Venus and the Sun to Jupiter. We can also look forward to building a more solid family structure, as Saturn gives us the time to undergo spiritual transformation that strengthens our core essence with a square from Pluto.

The new Moon in Pisces on the 10th paves the way for a gorgeous trine between optimistic Jupiter and wistful Neptune, exact on the 14th. This is an amazing time of tremendous spiritual growth in relationships. At this magical time it is very easy for two people to take their love beyond the bounds of the physical plane and transcend into the astral one where everything is peace and love. Once your relationship reaches this level, it will never be the same again, nor will you want it to be. This energy is also great for having the optimism to make all of your creative dreams come true and for charitable acts.

Mercury, which has been transiting the pioneering sign of Aries since the 4th, slows down and then turns retrograde on the 19th and remains so for next three and a half weeks. During this time, it is best to put a halt on new communication and writing projects, as well as any decision-making, and turn your attention to doing research and making plans instead. This is a time for thinking and processing information regarding projects, not for taking action. This is Mercury’s time to recharge his mental batteries. If you try to make him work now, he is going to be slow and possibly even rebel, resulting in communication and its devices going haywire or not working at all.

The Sun enters the energetic and impulsive sign of Aries on the 20th, and Venus follows on the 22nd, making the rest of this month a time of action and starting new projects. We are feeling brave and our hearts ready to turn a brand new leaf in our current relationships or perhaps begin a whole new love affair. Mars enters the erratic sign of Aquarius on the 20th, adding fuel to the fire of our actions and sex life, which could become much more wild, crazy and unpredictable for the next six weeks.

Saturn in Cancer turns direct on the 21st after being retrograde for the past four and a half months, making this a time to establish new boundaries and make new rules in our homes and family life. Pluto in Sagittarius turns retrograde on the 26th and remains so for the next five months, making this a time to turn within and process some of the inevitable changes and losses we experienced in the past few months. Now is when we begin to come to terms with those losses and changes beyond our control and allow them to transform and enable us to pick up the pieces and move forward again come September 2nd, when Pluto turns direct.

The month ends on a wild and exhilarating note with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries sextile to Mars in Aquarius. Spring is definitely in the air and is urging us to live, laugh and have fun indoors as well as out. This is a great time to begin a new exercise program or to join a new group activity. The full Moon in Libra on the 25th is sure to liven up any relationship and lends more meaning to the phrase “spring fever.” Be sure to jot down any creative ideas that come to you because they are there for the taking when the Sun and Mercury conjunct on the 29th.

March defines a time of transformation and growth from the inside out through our relationships, when we emerge with the coming of spring a beautiful and enlightened butterfly. It is the time when we discover a new piece of ourselves and seek to manifest it into a permanent part of our identity. Spread your wings and fly strong and free into new and exciting realms at work, home and in your love life. Happy Spring!

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