Has Moved House

by Maria Barron


We had a bit of a rugged time, off and on for a few months, after the server company we had been using moved and its related constellation of websites onto a server in a new data center in January. I looked around for a new hosting company with a setup that might work better for us and had already begun to lay out the foundation on the new hosts’ server for our online network, when — on the eve of the Spring Equinox — the old server crashed mightily.

Instead of being able to duplicate the many fascinating areas of our site quietly while the old server kept things going at the old place until we were ready to transition, we found ourselves in a “ready or not” situation and just had to make ourselves ready! When the server crashed we simply started up again at the new place, and since then we’ve been moving over all the great features the site’s founder, Gregory Ellison, built up for us over the years. Most of our features and content are already back online, and the rest are on the way. Our address is the same:, but we’re rebuilding on a setup more suited to our current circumstances.

If you haven’t been on the site in awhile, come on by and try out Greg’s custom-written Tarot for geniuses. He incorporated so many of the relational nuances and symbolisms of the Tarot into this program, it really is a far more layered and thought-provoking reading one gets from Greg’s Tarot, compared to others online. You don’t get a simplistic answer from it; you get a starting point for meditation.

Greg’s book on Ta’i Chi, Wisdom and Power: A Philosophical Approach to T’ai Chi, exploring this martial art as a spiritual practice, is also back online.

Likewise back online and ready to go is The Lost Linda Goodman Tape, our set of sound files presenting Linda interpreting in live performance portions of her book-length “happiness poem,” Gooberz.

The Profile of Linda Goodman is back in place with its pictures of places in Linda’s life, and Greg’s vision of World Transformation in the Age of Aquarius is back online issuing its unique challenge!

The original Linda Goodman’s Star Notes, hosted on our network, have also returned, as have lessons from Greg on How to Interpret a Horoscope.

About half of our past issues of metamorphosis, the Conscious Evolution newsletter, are back online, and the rest are on the way.

Our Discussion Forums continue on in a slightly altered format, and it has taken some time to get ready to move all the posts from our many years of discussions on spiritual and worldly matters, but those earlier posts all will be restored soon as well.

There are other useful and interesting portions of our site still to come, including our Community Co-op and Simon Miles’ subsite with the section on Sacred Geometry. But it should all be back together this month, so come join us for our housewarming party. Bring your own spirits!