Uranus in Pisces:
Changing the Weather

by Su Maya


Have you noticed the weather lately? The importance of water in the weather lately? Everybody’s talking about it. Everybody is feeling it, and that includes man, animals and nature.

Uranus, the planet of creativity and invention, is fully in the sign of Pisces, the constellation of wispy spiritual intuition and compassion. Pisces is a water sign, and all things related will be under revolutionary changes during the next six years.

Uranus is a slow-moving planet that takes about seven years to traverse a single sign of the zodiac. Now that it is at 7 degrees Pisces, we have had a chance to observe some of the effects the rest of the transit will have on our little planet.

While Uranus was in Aquarius, an air sign that rules culture, intellect and humanity, we saw the networks of global communication and electronics boom.

Before that, Uranus moved through the solid earth sign of Capricorn, awakening our senses to the vibratory qualities of stones, like crystals.

So in relation to water, it seems we will see new issues bubbling up to the surface. Things we may have previously accepted or expected, in terms of quality, treatments, resources and weather patterns, will be under revision or providing us with shocks. Pollution and water-borne diseases may also be affected for better or worse.

For instance, look at how much rain the deserts are getting this winter. The Four Corners region of the American Southwest (where the corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet), while beset by occasional flooding, does not usually see such constant rainfalls. Authorities will likely have to find new ways to channel it and share. Unusual plants and wildlife may emerge or migrate. Pakistan, India and other Near East countries are seeing a lot of snow too, enough to cause avalanches.

Water can change forms too, like the Polar caps melting into the oceans, raising sea level concerns for fragile islands. Water carves coastlines with every storm. Saturated mountains and hillsides fall into mudslides.

The recent occurrences and magnitude of hurricanes, typhoons, and tsunamis in the last few years seem to reflect a very literal manifestation of the Uranus-in-Pisces energy. They clearly depict the power of water changing everything with no warning.

Since Pisces is a sign that mirrors the ethereal mind, this transit will have an aspect that affects consciousness and dreams. Humans who have been working on their own sensitivity will likely pay more attention to their inner voices, in preference to authority figures or newscasters.

This passage of Uranus in Pisces may also manifest as the softening of the “spiritual warrior.” Self-help gurus and preachers who have built a following the past several years may find that their congregations do not want to hear rhetoric anymore.

If you are knowledgeable about your own astrology charts, the planets in all the water signs will be touched by this gradual transit. You will feel it especially if your Sun or Ascendant are in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

Whatever happens, it is sure to bring some surprises, because that’s what Uranus does to energy: shifts the stream for creative insights and solutions.