Star Watch

by Tracey Couto

Welcome, one and all, to the warm and lovely month of May. This is the time of year when we dig those bathing suits out from dresser drawers and drag barbeque grills out of the tool shed. It is time once again for basking in the not yet too-hot Sun (don’t forget your sunscreen), wading in the pool and enjoying fun times and laughter at family cookouts. Now is when we are graced with the honor of experiencing the beautiful array of colors and the heady fragrance of those infamous May flowers for the first time since last year.

The first of two major planetary aspects occurring this month involves Jupiter in Libra inconjunct to Uranus in Pisces. Their influence will be felt throughout the first half of May. Jupiter in Libra is all about expansion and growth in our one-to-one relationships through the sharing of laughter, good times and pleasant conversations. Uranus in Pisces is about escaping from the daily grind and doing something spontaneous and romantic. If you can manage it, taking a vacation or a weekend away with your significant other the days surrounding the 7th would be just what the doctor ordered for your relationship. You may have to move your schedule around to accommodate this, but it will be well worth the effort.

The other major aspect is an inconjunct between Saturn in Cancer and Pluto in Sagittarius that will influence the second half of the month. Saturn in Cancer is about the responsibility of parents to build a sturdy foundation for their home and family life, which involves making rules and setting guidelines for children to follow and obey. Pluto in Sagittarius focuses on inevitable changes, intimacy, letting go, new beginnings and intense and extreme experiences that come with growing up and exploring new vistas. In the days surrounding the 23rd, parents may have to bend the rules a little or change them completely in order to allow their children to grow and experience the next level of their development, which is never an easy thing for parents to do.

Two celestial bodies will be going retrograde (appearing from Earth to be changing direction from forward to backward motion in the sky) within the freedom-loving and unpredictable sign of Aquarius this month. The first, a planetoid named Chiron that governs over the healing of wounds, turns retrograde on the evening of the 8th and remains so for the next five months. This is a time when we will retrace the steps taken since January 26 and do some soul-searching on where we’ve felt hurt or abandoned by others, particularly those in our social group, or where we may have hurt or abandoned someone else, and seek to rectify the situation. This is also a time for dealing with addictions or any problems we may have run from in the past.

The other planet, Neptune, turns retrograde on the evening of the 19th and remains so also for five months. Daydreaming, romance, illusions, deception, and ways to escape or leave our bodies such as through sleep, meditation and drugs are all under Neptune’s dominion and are things we will be giving some thought and consideration to during this time. This is when the fog clears enough for us to think over what has happened since January 27 and see if there may have been instances where we may not have been as clear or honest as we should have been with another in our social circle, or come to realize that someone else may not have been 100 percent true to us, and clear the air before the matter has a chance to snowball. This is also a wonderful time to plan a long-term creative project or something romantic to be executed around or after Halloween. This five-month period is also a great time to break any drug or alcohol addictions.

Planet by Planet


The celestial spotlight, the Sun, begins the month in the practical and reliable sign of Taurus. It forms a square to Neptune on the 7th, signifying a day when financial obligations make it difficult to rest and relax with friends and loved ones as you’d rather be doing. The Sun then moves on to sextile Saturn on the 12th, creating a day for spending quality time with the family. Some adjustments may need to made to the same old tried-and-true methods, as far as exploring new vistas and taking chances in business and or in intimate relationships, when the Sun inconjuncts Pluto on the 13th.

The Sun enters the chatty and curious sign of Gemini on the evening of the 20th, turning the spotlight to communications and short local trips for the rest of the month. It trines Chiron on the 23rd, making this a great day to have a healing conversation with someone you’ve had issues with, and it squares Uranus on the 31st, bringing a day in which kaleidoscopic chatter can threaten to rain on a romantic parade as well as make it difficult for creative energy to flow through.


Mercury, the planet of communication, starts the month in the impulsive and initiating sign of Aries. He sextiles Neptune on the afternoon of the 2nd and into the 3rd, making this a time when courageous and bold words can ignite the flames of romance. It is also a good time for creative writing ventures. Mercury then squares Saturn on the 6th, making this a day when domestic responsibilities make it difficult to put our minds on our own projects, which could be frustrating and lead to harsh and angry words. But a miraculous recovery occurs the next day on the 7th when Mercury moves on to trine Pluto, putting discussions of new, exciting and life-altering plans that will broaden your horizons back on the front burner.

Mercury enters the slow and steady sign of Taurus on the 12th, adding an element of honesty, patience and stubbornness to our communication and making our words come out slower and more sensually. He squares Chiron on the 13th, bringing a day when stubbornness could prevent you from having a make-up chat with someone you care about. But not to worry, because you get another chance on the 17th when he inconjuncts Jupiter, which will help lighten the conversation and restore harmony in your relationship if you give it a chance. He sextiles Mars and Uranus from the 17th to the 19th, when slow and sensual talk could very well lead to an unexpected encounter that is passionate as well as romantic. Mercury moves on to square Neptune on the 21st, which can tangle up the wires of communication in the romance department and can be a bit frustrating when one partner wants slow and sensuous and the other wants spontaneous and exciting; also, creativity doesn’t flow easily on this day. Mercury inconjuncts Pluto and sextiles Saturn on the 24th, making this a great day to have a discussion with the family about the changes that need to be made to the old rules and guidelines, and then make the necessary adjustments to allow for growth and positive change.

Mercury enters the quick and nimble sign of Gemini on the 28th, picking up the pace of our communications and sending us on a few short trips over the next two weeks. He trines Chiron on the evening of the 28th into the 29th, making this a time for light and soothing conversations with friends, neighbors and relatives.


Venus, the planet of love and money, starts the month in the final degrees of the sensuous and patient sign of Taurus. She first sextiles Saturn on the 2nd, making this a wonderful day to spoil the family with a fancy dinner or expensive gift, and she inconjuncts Pluto on the 4th, making this a day to part with some of those hard-earned coins for that intimate trip for two or some classes that will make you a more well-rounded person.

Venus enters fickle and versatile Gemini on the 10th, bringing the tendency to change one’s mind often when it comes to matters of the heart and of the wallet for the remainder of the month. She trines Chiron on the evening of the 11th into the 12th, making this a time to have a healing heart-to-heart talk with someone special. She goes on to trine Jupiter on the evening of the 16th into the 17th, making this a great time to have a happy and harmonious conversation with your significant other that will strengthen and bring peace to your relationship. Immediately following that is a square between Venus and Uranus, which can make it difficult to be romantically spontaneous because everyone is too busy talking. Venus squares Mars in Pisces on the 22nd, creating obstacles to romance, but tomorrow will be a better day to implement those romantic notions that will send your heart soaring on a cloud when Venus trines Neptune on the 23rd. Venus opposes Pluto on the 28th, making this a fabulous day to try out some new adventurous ideas with your significant other.


Mars, the planet of action and sex, spends the entire month in the sweet and sensitive sign of Pisces, making our actions more creative and compassionate and adding a dreamy, romantic quality to our sexual pursuits. Mars inconjuncts Jupiter on the 12th and 13th, making this a great time to do something generous and romantic that will bring your partner and then yourself a lot of happiness and pleasure. Mars joins forces with Uranus on the 13th and 14th, making this a time for a surprise romantic encounter, spontaneous creativity or doing a kind and unexpected deed for another.


The New Moon in Taurus on the 8th signifies a great time to start projects that require patience and some hard work, such as starting a garden or other outdoor activities. This is also a good time to start a collection of items that have significant meaning for you or to start a new or second job. The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd is when you will start to see the fruits of your labors. Now you’ll have a yard pretty enough for that outdoor cookout or party. You’ll have the extra money to take that vacation or sign up for those college classes or the ones in your local community center.

Have a prosperous and happy May everyone. Blessed Be!

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