Star Watch

by Tracey Couto

Welcome one and all to the warm and wonderful month of June — the month when school lets out and summer officially begins. It’s that time once again for pool parties, backyard barbeques and day trips to the beach. This is Gemini’s time to shine, and activities such as taking short trips and exchanging a variety of entertaining news and information by phone, e-mail or in person take center stage. The Gemini New Moon on June 6 is a great time to make that phone call or write that letter that will give you and another the fresh new start you’ve been needing. It also favors negotiations and the beginning of writing projects.

Venus, the planet of love and money, enters the nurturing sign of Cancer on June 3 and remains there until June 27. Our hearts are much more fragile and sensitive to any painful slights at this time, and a good portion of our earnings is spent on items for our homes and families. Mercury, the communicator, enters caring Cancer on June 11, making our thoughts and words much more sympathetic and understanding. You may find that you are thinking about or talking to mom a lot during this time too.

Mars, the planet of action, starts the month off in the dreamy and romantic sign of Pisces. We may feel as if we are sleep-walking through the first 10 days, and our powers of intuition are turned up high. Now is when we are at our most romantic and creative best. Mars enters the feisty and impulsive sign of Aries on June 11 and spends the rest of the month bravely starting new projects, exercise programs and adventurous activities. Passion turns red hot, and we become bolder and more courageous in our sexual pursuits too.

Jupiter, the planet of golden opportunities and expanding the mind through learning, turns direct on June 5, beginning a new cycle of positive growth in our relationships after a four-month period of pondering and planning. Now we can begin to put those thoughts and plans into action and take that romantic getaway, or sign up for those college classes. You may even get a second chance at any opportunities that were lost this past winter if you are willing to take the chance and give it another try.

Uranus, the planet of shocking surprises, goes retrograde in the dreamy and romantic sign of Pisces on June 14 and remains so for the next five months. This is a time when we will retrace our steps over the last 3½ months and see where we may have been too hasty or behaved too erratically in our romantic life or creative projects. You will also want to see where you may have become stuck in your present circumstances and need to break out of a rut and start a new tradition. You may also find yourself rethinking any recent break-ups and trying for a reconciliation.

The Sun enters nurturing Cancer in the wee hours of June 21, turning our focus to domestic concerns and family matters. There will be a tendency to stick close to our nests and mother our loved ones for the remainder of the month. The Full Moon on June 22 in the sign of Capricorn is an excellent time for bringing business and career-related projects and proposals you’ve been working on out into the light of day where they will have the chance to shine.

The month ends with Mercury and Venus entering the dramatic sign of Leo on June 28, making the last few days of June very fun and entertaining. Now is when we’ll write or say things or receive news that will bring us the attention, applause and recognition of others. We want to be romanced, lavished with compliments and gifts and taken out to fancy places at this time, and we don’t mind doing the same for the ones we adore.

Have a fabulous month, everyone. Blessed Be.

Editor’s note: The staff of Metamorphosis is taking a few months off. We’ll be back in autumn with more interestings thoughts on esoteric and worldly subjects — and where they connect. Meanwhile, Here’s Anindita with Conscious Community.